Spring Clean for Healthier Teeth

Spring Clean for Healthier Teeth

This spring, add new cleaning habits to your washroom. Most people keep toothbrushes in warm places and don’t clean them. In fact, less than ten percent of Americans replace their toothbrushes the recommended every three months.

Use your spring cleaning schedule as a reminder to swap out your toothbrush for a new one. You don’t even have to throw your old toothbrush in the garbage right away! Since you are spring cleaning, put the old toothbrushes to work. Use them to scrub tiles edges, clean jewelry or other spring cleaning projects that have hard-to-reach areas.

For kids, let them choose a new toothbrush color for each season. Use this time to educate children about their dental health. Electric toothbrushes often fall into a different category. Many electric toothbrush heads are designed to last up to six months. But the average American doesn’t replace their toothbrush until nine months pass which is far too long.

Dental experts also recommend not keeping your toothbrush in your bathroom. Instead, store it in a cool dry place that will allow your toothbrush to air out. Warm moist environments are ideal for bacteria growth. Even a cup on the counter isn’t an ideal spot to store a toothbrush because if it’s in a cup full of other toothbrushes that your family uses, germs and bacteria will easily cross-contaminate. Another reason to not keep your toothbrush in the washroom is because studies that show airborne germs are released when toilets are flushed and can land on open surfaces in the bathroom…including your toothbrush.

Special anti-bacterial sprays are available that you can use on your toothbrush in between uses. The sprays help limit bacteria that can cause infection or dental problems. There are also special UV lights that you can use with your toothbrush that kill bacteria.

Replacing your toothbrush shouldn’t be isolated to once a year spring cleaning. If you’re getting a cold or other illness, your toothbrush should be replaced while you’re ill, when you’re feeling better, and when you’ve fully recovered. Toothbrushes should be replaced even more frequently for anyone with gum disease.

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  1. A different toothbrush for each season is a really good idea. I didn’t know that toothbrushes had expiration dates on them, but they do. It is really surprising how quickly you can go through those and forget to buy a new one. A new brush can make all the difference in how clean your teeth get.

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