Aromatherapy: S-U

Aromatherapy: S-U

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Saffron..... Increases energy

Sage - Salvia officinalis..... Improves memory

Scent: Strong, spicy
Extracted From: leaves
Aromatherapy Properties: throat inflammation, gargle for mouth

Sandalwood - Santalum album.....Aphrodisiac and promotes healing

Scent: Exotic and slightly spicy.
Color: Pale yellow, greenish or brownish
Extracted From: Wood
Aromatherapy Properties: Depression, dry skin, nausea.

Spearmint - Mentha spicata...... Promotes healing

Scent: Light Minty, fresh
Extracted From: leaves

Star Anise..... Increases awareness

Sweet Pea..... Promotes happiness


Tea Tree - Melaleuca alternifolia

Scent: Menthol, spicy
Color: Colorless or pale yellow-green
Extracted From: Leaves and twigs
Aromatherapy Properties: Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, ulcers, psoriasis, acne, colds, burns, shock, hysteria, inflammation, cold sores.

Thyme - Thymus vulgaris...... Promotes good health

Extracted From: leaves, flowering tops
Aromatherapy Properties: chest congestion, coughs, gas, minor cuts and scrapes

Tulip - Purifies the body


Essential oils and their meanings

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