Aromatherapy: P-R


Aromatherapy: P-R

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Parsley – Petroselinum crispum….. Protection

Scent: Fresh
Color: green
Extracted From: seeds, leaves, roots
Aromatherapy Properties: bad breath, gas, urinary tract infections, delayed menstruation

Patchouli – Pogostemon cablin

Scent: Spicy, Earthy, woodsy
Color: Amber
Extracted From: Dried leaves, branches
Aromatherapy Properties: Antiseptic

Pennyroyal – Hedeoma pulegioides….. Increases energy

Scent: Minty
Extracted From: leaves, flowers
Aromatherapy Properties: decongestant, menstrual regulator

Peppermint – Mentha piperita…… sharpens the conscious mind

Scent: Minty
Extracted From: leaves
Aromatherapy Properties: gas, sore throat, digestive tract problems, stomach ulcers, nausea

Pine – Pinus spp…… Promotes healing

Extracted From: needles, inner bark, sap, resin
Aromatherapy Properties: bronchial congestion, rheumatic pains


Rose – Rosa spp…… Promotes feelings of love and peace

Scent: Light, sweet and floral.
Color: Pale yellow, reddish orange
Extracted From: petals, hips, root bark
Aromatherapy Properties: scurvy preventive,antiscorbutic, nervousness

Rosemary – Rosmarinus officinalis….. Promotes longevity

Scent: Woodsy
Extracted From: leaves, flowering tops
Aromatherapy Properties: hair growth stimulant, dandruff remedy, gas, upset stomach, headache

Warning: Avoid using Rosemary if you are pregnant, have high blood pressure or epileptic.

Rosewood – Aniba rosaeodora

Scent: Sweet, warm, woodsy
Color: Pale yellow
Extracted From: Wood chippings
Aromatherapy Properties: Depression, acne, wrinkles, stress

Rue – Ruta graveolens….. Calms you down

Extracted From: leaves


Essential oils and their meanings

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