Your baby’s skin is very soft and more delicate than yours; it needs extra attention and care. Every mother passes on her special baby skin care tips to the next generation. These baby skin care tips also include the use of natural baby care products or manufactured baby care products if necessary.

Here are a few baby skin care tips that you need to keep in mind:

Bathing & Bathing Products:

While bathing the baby, please check the water temperature, it needs to be lukewarm. Also, there are a host of baby care products available in the market, choose bathing soaps wisely. Pat it dry and avoid rubbing the baby’s skin as the skin is sensitive.


Choose a mild moisturizer and gently apply it on baby’s elbows, legs and hands. Avoid over application!

Sun Protection:

Keep the baby in a cool environment, as far as possible avoid taking it out in the sun. If you are venturing out, apply little sunscreen baby lotion on baby’s cheeks and hands.

An important baby skin care tip is before applying any cream or lotions, try putting a little amount to check for skin reaction or allergy.

Another important aspect is baby care products; there are hosts of baby care products that help you in taking care of the baby better. The market is flooded with options and mothers need not fret over the choice. You need to wisely choose baby products; one can go online and gather detailed information about the same.

That’s not it, sellers now offer flexible options like free home delivery, cash on delivery, and so need not worry about leaving the house. Right from prams to shampoo, everything will be delivered to your doorstep.

Baby care products include different products that cater to varied age groups and requirements.

Here is a general list of baby care products.

Baby Bathing Products:

This range includes shampoo, mild soap and now there are baby perfumes too.

Skin Care:

Lotion, creams, moisturizers and sunscreen cream etc.

Feeding & Nursing:

Breasts pumps, bottle and food warmers, bibs, feeding bottles and so on.

Baby diapers are also important since your baby uses it the whole day. You can choose from the different types and brands depending on your requirements. Baby diapers are available in a variety of sizes and forms.

Cloth baby diapers:

These cloth diapers are reusable and after they get spoiled, all one needs to do is wash and dry it and it’s ready for use. Cloth diapers are softer than synthetic ones, but it’s a task to take care of the laundry load.

Preemie diapers:

There is a separate range of baby diapers for preemies.

Newborn baby diapers:

As newborns are delicate and their skin is sensitive, the exclusive range of newborn baby diapers is extra soft.

Diapers by weight:

You can choose the perfect baby diapers, as there are diapers that are segmented according to the baby weight as well.

Swimming diapers:

Pool time! Don’t worry there are swimming baby diapers that allow the baby to be in the pool and not swell with water, unlike the other regular ones.

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