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10 Winter Essentials for Your Baby

Winter is hard on everyone, but especially your little ones. If you are like most parents, you are constantly fretting about whether or not they are warm enough or if you are protecting them from all the germs that make winter especially nasty. Well, have no fear!

Here is a list of the top 10 baby must haves every parent needs to ensure that their little one has a safe and happy winter.

  1. Snowsuit or Heavy Bunting
  2. Car Seat Cover
  3. Hats and Mittens
  4. Heavy Fabric Blankets
  5. Long Sleeved and Short Sleeved T-Shirts
  6. Footed Pajamas (preferably in fleece)
  7. Baby Lotion
  8. Baby First Aid Kit
  9. Humidifier
  10. A car Emergency Kit

Snowsuit or Heavy Bunting

When it comes to the coldest days, heavy blankets just don’t do the trick. You need to invest in one or both to keep the warm not just outside, but also snug in their car seat. A lot of buntings even come with a hole that makes buckling it into your child’s car seat user-friendly.

Car Seat Cover

These are really only good for newborns, but if you have a newborn you will learn that it’s a real lifesaver. They fit securely around your child’s car seat and they provide a cozy environment that also protects them from the elements.

Hats and Mittens

Ear infections are rampant among babies in the wintertime, because parents don’t keep their ears covered well enough. Don’t just rely on the hood on their coat to keep those little ears protected, you need to invest in a hat that pulls down snuggly, but comfortably over their ears and stays put! Mittens are also a must to protect tiny fingers from the winter chill. If you have an older baby, you might consider mittens with fingers that make grasping easier and mittens less frustrating.

Heavy Fabric Blankets

Those lightweight receiving blankets you loved all summer are out now that the nights and days are a lot colder. You need to invest in several heavy fabric blankets that will make keeping your little one warm much easier.

Long-sleeved and Short-sleeved T-shirts

These are great for layering and adding extra warmth to your little one.

Footed Pajamas (preferably in fleece)

These are what you need to keep your little one extra warm on those cold winter nights, especially since most babies don’t stay covered up if you do use blankets. These should also keep you from over-bundling your baby, which is dangerous because they can overheat.

Baby Lotion

If you don’t lotion your baby, you will want to during the winter months. Winter air is dry and can cause your baby to have dry, itchy skin. Moisturizing your baby will help to protect your little ones skin.

Baby First Aid Kit

This is where you stock up on all your baby care essential so that if your little one comes down with a fever in the middle of the night, you don’t have to send your exhausted spouse out for anything. Your baby first aid kit should include: baby strength Tylenol, baby strength ibuprofen, baby Vick’s vapor rub, suction bulb for little noses, extra soft tissues, thermometer, and Mylecon (for gassy tummy’s). You can tailor your first aid kit to fit your child’s individual needs, just be sure that you have one.


Unfortunately for infants there really isn’t a lot you can do for them when they get a nasty cold. The best way to fight a cold for your infant is to prevent one. The best way to prevent one is to ward off dry winter air with a humidifier. Either a warm air or cool air, both should get the job done.

A Car Emergency Kit

This is especially important if you travel a lot, but is a good idea even if you only live minutes from town. You never know when a disaster might happen. You car emergency kit should be well equipped for you and for your baby. It should include things like warm blankets for you and baby, as well as extra coats, mittens, and scarves. You should also include things like non-perishable food items like crackers, beef jerky, granola bars, etc. and for your baby you should have a can or two of formula, a bottle, and if your baby takes baby food, you could include a couple jars of baby food. You will also want to keep a jug or two of purified water in your trunk. You will want to make sure you have a flash light, maybe a flair gun, and possibly a hand-powered charger for your cell phone. After you have to kit all together, be sure that it is an easily accessible place in your car. There is no such thing as being too prepared.

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