Easy Handmade Christmas Crafts for Kids

Easy Handmade Christmas Crafts for Kids

Christmas is a great time to spend more time with your kids. You can not only shop together, bake together, complete Christmas cards together, but making homemade Christmas crafts your kids can provide as gifts is even better! The Christmas craft ideas here are easy and can be made quickly (ideal for little ones) or if you choose, you may create your own ideas by building on the ones below.

Holiday Cards

Make your Christmas cards special this year by hand-making each one with pens, glitter and scrapbook elements. Visit your nearest dollar store first as numerous of them have scrapbook craft supplies to select from. After that visit a craft store to obtain everything else you need. Personalized Christmas cards are an easy way to say how much you care.

Decorated Flower Pot

You’ll find simple clay or plastic pots at any home improvement store in addition to craft stores and even dollar stores occasionally. A fun idea would be to decorate the outside of the pot, then plant flowers inside and provide that as a gift. It’s the gift that continues giving.

Baked Goods

Who doesn’t love home baked treats? There are plenty of choices like candy, cookies, chocolate-dipped pretzels, cupcakes, brownies, fudge and a whole lot. You can place them in a nice tin that you simply either purchased or decorated yourself.

Pop-Up Books

Kids love pop-up books, much more if you make them from home with your personal story and drawings. This website teaches you how to make pop-up books using construction paper, scissors and glue. It’s fun and simple, and also the perfect project to obtain your kids involved in.

Memory Quilt

Memory Quilts make perfect gifts for the adult children using scraps of material you’ve saved from their baby clothes or baby blankets. Originalquilts.com have helpful resources and tutorials based on how to make your own memory quilt.

Cake/Cookie Mix in a Jar

This idea gets exceedingly more popular every year, which is really easy to do. You can use a classic jar (the spaghetti-sized jars work best), purchase a new one or find a used one in a thrift store or goodwill. Fill it with the dry ingredients from the cookie or cake recipe you believe the recipient would enjoy baking. Liven up the jar with ribbon or any other decorative elements, and include instructions regarding how to finish the recipe.

Gift Baskets

You can’t ever run out of ideas for gift baskets, plus this can be a gift that works for absolutely anyone. By looking into making them at home, you can cater these to the person who is to receive them. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Christmas Chain

This is old school, however with enough red-colored and eco-friendly construction paper you are able to change your house as well as tree in to a Christmas wonderland. Presently there isn’t a simpler Christmas craft available. Simply cut as much red-colored paper in to strips as you wish. Make a ring from the strips then staple or glue the actual ends with one another. Continue doing to make the string as long as you’d for example. Put your own chains round the tree or even hang all of them throughout the house.

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