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DIY Natural Beauty. Recipes for Hair, Skin, and Nails.

Whether you prefer stomach, back, side or curled into a fetal position, the way you snuggle into the pillow may affect your breathing patterns, neck and back pain, and circulation.
This body scrub will help soften skin and moisturize dry skin. The scub keeps up to a month and is gentle enough to use on the face.
This cleanser is simple and effective. The soap gently cleans, the glycerin prevents drying and the honey not only softens the skin, but its antimicrobial properties can help ward off breakouts.
Bath and body recipes also make it possible to create quality, effective, natural skin care products right at home.
Consider adopting these five habits that will keep your skin glowing and protected from all that it encounters.
If you love soaking your stresses away in a hot, fragrant tub, then you'll want to save this recipe for lavender bath salts. It's quick and simple to make, for yourself or as a gift.
Sure you know about useful qualities of kiwi, when we eat this fruit. But also kiwi is the wonderful cosmetologist! Vitamins and organic acids, contained in this fruit, are very useful for face skin. Facial masks from kiwi have...
Yes! Damaged hair can be cured and that too with little effort and without using chemical treatments or spending loads of money. Brittle hair, dandruff, hair fall, dry hair etc are all common hair woes in today's age. Pollution, inadequate...
My favorite DIY beauty routine is a spa day complete with a nonsurgical facelift that anyone can do and certainly can afford.
Pampering yourself with skin and beauty treatments is important, but going to the salon or buying expensive products are not always the most convenient – or wallet-friendly – options. In fact, 82 percent of women prefer to save than splurge,...