The truth is that I love your newsletters, but every time I see you talking about olive oil you make a mention to Italy but the truth is that you can find olive oil in all the Mediterranean countries from Greece to France, Spain or even Egypt!! Jaén (South of Spain) has the biggest production of olive oil in the world!! And I must say that its taste is the best in the world! I’ve been to Italy and their oil is good too, but not so good.

I’m not from Jaén, I’m from Catalonia, and we have very good oil too, but the one from Jaén it’s really the best!

If you can, try it! With a simple piece of bread! And you will fall in love with it!!!

And if you want to try the best way we serve it in Catalonia, find below the recipe for “Bread with Tomato“:


Bread (rustic style)

Ripe tomatoes

Olive oil

Salt (optional)

Slice the bread (big pieces or small pieces) like when you make a sandwich. Slice the tomatoes in half across the middle. Use one side and rub it to the bread slice. Add olive oil (and salt for taste if desired).

Other options:

You can make toast and rub with the tomato and oil.

This recipe is perfect when eating chorizo, or ham, sausage.

Thanks for your time. I hope you try it!

Kind regards from Catalunya!!


Article Published: January 2008

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