Things to Make with Cookie Cutter Shapes

Cookie cutters

No kitchen is complete without at least two or three Cookie Cutters. Even if your children are grown now, I’m sure you still have the cookie cutters you and the kids used to make those awesome cookies. And I’m sure your children have memories of all the good times you spent making and eating those cookies – even the ones you burnt! So why not bring those memories back to life and make something with those cookie cutter shapes!

Christmas Tree Decorations

Even if your cookie cutter is not of a ‘holiday’ theme, you can still make beautiful Christmas Tree Ornaments with them. Find a picture of your children at about the age when they would have been using these cutters. Then place the cutter over the picture, centering it to get the best look. Trace around the outside edge of the cutter shape and cut out the picture. Then place a small bead of strong glue along the rim of the cutter and attach the picture. Wrap ribbon around the outside of the cutter and add a loop for the ornament hanger. Viola! You have a wonderful new addition to your Christmas tree ornament collection. Use this new ornament on your tree next year, or give it as a gift to your child. It will be a family treasure for years to come.

Family Table Centerpiece

Need something fun to add to your table decoration for the next family dinner? Pull out a few of your cookie cutters! Put a place mat in the center of the table, add a collection of candles of different shapes and sizes, and then surround them with your cutters. Place several on top of each other to give interest and height. When the family assembles around the table, they’ll be so surprised to see what you’ve done. And the conversation will be so fun as everyone remembers special times they associate with the cutters, their favorite cookies, and the people they shared them with. It will be a special meal for sure, all because you used your Cookie Cutters in a new way!

Cookie Cutter Grape Vine Wreath

This will be a fun activity for you and your children to complete some rainy afternoon. Find all your cookie cutters that are for the same “theme” – be they for Easter, Christmas, or Sesame Street characters. Then, collect several colors of sturdy card stock that compliment your theme. Trace the cookie cutter shapes onto the paper then cut them out. Now add a big ribbon bow to your wreath and decorate it with your cookie cutter pieces! Punch a hole in the shape, add a piece of twine for a hanger, and place it on the wreath. This fabulous Cookie Cutter wreath will be beautiful in your kitchen, or hang it on the back door to great your guests. Way a fun way to show off your Cookie Cutter collection!

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