Planning a Country Western Wedding

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Want to break away from the usual wedding? Want a little more country spice added to your life? Cowboy hats and cowboy boots, what better way to celebrate then breaking out some good old fashion country music, and your two step shoes! Forget that traditional wedding with a white dress, and a tuxedo, we are having ourselves a rodeo!

Everyone comes to the wedding dressed down in their favorite pair of jeans, and cowboy hat. Even our bride is dressing in a cowgirl ensemble. Our bride walks down the aisle to some Hank Williams Jr. And for the first dance as a married couple, we watch the couple do a western two step, and the rest of the party joins in. Everyone is laughing and having themselves a good old time. Set it up so that guests can ride horses, children can ride ponies in addition to having a fake bronco bull they can test their luck on. Professionals can be hired to put on a real show for our guests by testing their luck in roping some cattle, or by putting on a horse riding show. Perhaps an auction can even be run to auction off some fun nick knacks. There is no end to where this rodeo can go!

Picnic tables and a barbeque are perfect for our after the wedding celebration. Use stacked hale bales to hold snacks, food and drinks in a buffet line. Rhinestone horse shoe key chains are perfect for our wedding day favors. Forget expensive tableware, grab a beer mug and a plastic plate and dig in! On each table can be small little inexpensive favors that guests can keep. Candles in the shape of apples can be placed on the table. Use cowboy hats on the table as well for centerpieces used to hold flowers, or snacks such as your favorite brand of potato chip. An area can be cleared out where people can dance the night away doing their two step, or line dance. Maybe a DJ or just a good working radio can be set up. Sunflower watering cans can be set up as well for fun and can be filled with candy, mints or nuts for guests. Setting up a small stand that serves candy apples, popcorn, and cotton candy would be a fun idea for guests too making your wedding reception fun for adults and kids too!

You can even go so far as to set up a beer stand with a TV playing whatever sports your guests enjoy most, or maybe some music videos of your favorite country singers. You can take this rodeo wedding which ever way you’d like. Take your guests out of life for a day, and throw them into some country. No one ever said that a wedding had to be a traditional one, so take advantage of that. If country is what you like, then do it! Have fun, go nuts, break out your cowboy hat, and cowboy boots, and get a little bit country!

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