Valentine’s day the perfect chance to get crafting and make something special for a loved one – family, friends and kids. There are a lot of cute Valentine’s Day craft ideas that are quick and simple to make. Have a look here!

1. Heart Shaped Soaps

Melt-and-pour soap is the ideal way to make small batches of soap without the need for special equipment or expertise. Melt and pour soap is a glycerin soap base that is simply melted before adding any additional ingredients such as color and fragrance. The soap is then poured into a mold and left to set. Melt and pour soap can be melted in the microwave or in a double burner and although special molds are available, it is possible to use other types of mold. Heart-shaped ice cube molds, for instance, are perfect for making small soaps.

2. Gel Candles

Gel candles are pretty to look at and are easy to make. A quick Valentine’s Day craft idea would be to make a gel candle using a wine or champagne glass as a candle holder. The stem of the wine glass can be dressed up with ribbons and beads. Gel wax is transparent and therefore glitter can be added to it or the melted gel can be poured over glass beads to give an extra special effect. Gel wax is easy to melt in a double boiler. All that is required is gel wax, any fragrances and colors plus a wick. These supplies are readily available from a craft store.

3. Scented Heart-Shaped Ornaments

Attractive heart-shaped ornaments make a lovely room decoration for Valentine’s Day and are a great household accessory for all year round. They are simple to make using a heart shaped cookie cutter as a template. Simply cut out two heart shaped pieces of felt using the cookie cutter as a template. Stitch these together and use dried lavender flowers or pieces of cotton wadding that have been dabbed with essential oils or other fragrances to stuff the ornaments. To dress the ornaments up further, add some embellishments such as embroidery or a few beads before sewing the pieces together and attach a piece of ribbon to hang the ornament as required.

4. Coffee Filter Roses

Making roses from coffee filters are not only simple to do, they are also fun! To begin, lay out paper coffee filters flat across wax paper. Let your kids color the filters with red, pink, and purple markers. When the filters are colored in completely, carefully add drops of water to dilute the marker ink and create a beautiful water-color effect. When the filters are dry, fold each one in half once, then in half again. Use green pipe cleaners or craft wire as stems attached to the bottom of each filter. Spread the filter open to create a flower shape. Tie bunches of these flowers together for a fun Valentine’s bouquet.

5. Crayon Valentines

Old, broken crayon pieces can be given new life as Valentine hearts for kids. Fill a metal heart shaped cookie or muffin tin with broken crayon bits. Lets your kids mix and match colors to make unique swirls and designs in the finished crayons. Put the tin into an oven heated to 250 degrees F for 10 to 15 minutes. Once the crayon hearts are cooled, remove them from the tins and smooth the sides with light sandpaper. These hearts can be great gifts to give along side Valentine’s Day coloring books for young children.

6. Valentine’s Day Picture Frame

Make simple yet adorable frames with your kids to show off their favorite photos. Use craft sticks, construction paper, craft jewels, and glue to make these frames. Begin by gluing the craft sticks together into a rectangle shape. Across three sides of the back glue a piece of construction paper the same size and shape. The forth, open side is left for sliding a photo into the frame. Once the glue is dry, let your children paint and glue on the jewels to decorate the frame. When decorated your child can add his or her favorite photo and give the frame to family or hang on your walls. Gluing a small magnet to the back makes this frame a great fridge decoration as well.

7. Valentine DVD Photo Album

Make a simple DVD slideshow with photos taken on Valentine’s Day. Use Photoshop or other image-editing tool to perfect the holiday photos. Organize the completed digital photos with the Photo Album feature in PowerPoint. Add captions for each photo slide. Add in a lovely sound. Or even a native voice-cover of yours. Insert animations and wipes. Once set, convert to DVD and burn to disc with a tool like Moyea PPT to DVD Burner. Take the disc to your DVD player and share with the whole family on TV.

Enjoy Valentine’s Day with great crafts!

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