Dry Shampoo Recipe

Dry Shampoo Recipe

Cornstarch is used to absorb the hairs oils.

The Ingredients

1/2 cup Cornstarch

The Instructions:

Sprinkle the cornstarch in your hair, let it absorb for a few minutes, brush it out. This is great if you are in a pinch.

Did You Know…

* Cornstarch: is the starch of the corn, or maize, grain. It has a distinctive appearance and feel when mixed raw with water or milk, giving easily to gentle pressure but resisting sudden pressure. It is usually included as an anti-caking agent in powdered sugar (10X or confectioner’s sugar). For this reason, recipes calling for powdered sugar often call for at least light cooking to remove the raw cornstarch taste… source… Wikipedia

The Author:

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  1. If you want your hair to be moisturized for the long term, put coconut oil on just the scalp and roots of your hair, than take 5 cups of water and boil in a pot. When the water is boiled, place a clean towel in the water and wait until it gets very hot. Then take the towel out of the pot, let it cool just enough to wrap it around your hair without burning yourself. Keep on for 20 mins. The steam from the towel will evaporate into your scalp with the coconut oil making your hair healthier and more softer.

    I do this all the time and my hair went from dry dull hair to shiny and silky hair in weeks. For this to to work effectively, you have to do this once a week. Go and Give it a try!!


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