Fall in Love with Chocolate Truffles Recipe

Fall in Love with Chocolate Truffles Recipe

They say “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”; and the way to a woman’s heart is through chocolate. A man who desires a woman so passionately can make the woman toss all cautions in the air and fall in love by speaking of love through chocolates. The flattery is furthered if a man can show his culinary prowess, that’s another way to make a woman fall for a man. If a man wishes to convey his feelings to a love interest and is looking for a surefire way to woo her, here is a romantic way to say it all. Here is an easy chocolate truffles recipe.

Chocolate truffles recipe have been passed on from generations. Traditional ones are usually done with fillings of a wide variety such as jelly, fruits, nuts, cream, berries in season, or still chocolate for double fun. It is an exciting moment when one would try to eat a truffle not knowing what filling it has. The original chocolate truffles recipe is known to have started from Europe, yet many other variations s are now available from America, Canada and Switzerland among others. One unusual chocolate truffles recipe pr concoction is the so called Raw Truffle which blends raw cacao, syrup, agave and coconut oil with a garnish of raw cacao or raw coconut or both.

Here is an easy chocolate truffles recipe that would make the night extra special, especially after a date.

Yummy Truffles Recipe:


A cup of heavy cream, 14 oz. of Dark chocolate (unsweetened chocolate can also be used), an additional buffer chocolate of 8 oz., 11/2 cups of cocoa powder, and an option of 3 tablespoons of butter.


Break the chocolates into pieces. Put this in a bowl. Grab the cream and heat it up. Pour the cream over the chocolate while continuously stirring until the chocolate is fully melted and well mixed with the cream. The resulting batter is called “ganache” and this is where the extra optional butter is added. One way to ensure good truffles is to maintain the suitable consistency that is thick enough to mold them into balls. Once the balls are done, coat them with whatever you may fancy like almonds, shredded coconut and other favorites.

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