Health Benefits of Grape Seed Oil

Grape seed oil also known as grape oil is extracted from the seeds of various types of grapes, especially wine grapes. Grape seed oil has a sweet, light and a nutty aroma, thus making it one of the most famous oils used by people. It is usually clear in color or at times, has a tinge of yellow or green into it. The oil is basically used for culinary purposes for salad dressings, marinades, deep frying, flavored oils and baking. It is also used in cosmetic products like sunburn repair lotions, hair products, body hygiene creams, lip balm and hand creams. However, apart from these cosmetic and culinary uses, grape seed oil is highly beneficial for the health as well. Read the information in the following lines to know about the health and nutrition benefits of eating grape seed oil.

Also explore its nutritional value.

Nutritional Value Of Grape Seed Oil (per 100 g) Amount of Grape Seed Oil: 1 cup Total Weight of Grape Seed Oil: 218 g

Nutrients Amount Basic Components Vitamin E 62.8 mg Phytosterols 392 mg

Calories Total Calories 1927 Calories From Fat 1927

Fats & Fatty Acids Total Fat 218 g Saturated Fat 20.9 g Monounsaturated Fat 35.1 g Polyunsaturated Fat 152 g Total Omega-3 Fatty Acids 218 mg Total Omega-6 Fatty Acids 151708 mg

Nutrition Benefits of Eating Grape Seed Oil

  • Grape seed oil is one of the best antioxidant supplements. Consuming grape seed oil helps in advancing the antioxidant levels in the blood. Antioxidants help in protecting the body from harmful free radicals, which can otherwise damage healthy cells in the body thus, leading to cancer, heart diseases and premature ageing. Resveratrol, one of the antioxidant ingredients in grape seed oil, helps in increasing the antioxidant count in the blood.
  • Flavonoids, as an ingredient in grape seed oil, helps in promoting healthy heart function and lowers bad cholesterol in people, who regularly consume the oil. Intake of grape seed oil also aids in reducing oxidation and preventing further damage to the cardiovascular system.
  • Regular consumption of grape seed oil effectively reduces the risk of a person getting affected by the cancerous cells. It also prevents any damage done to the liver, due to chemotherapy.
  • For any kind of inflammation, grape seed oil is the answer. It has been proved to reduce the frequency and severity of abdominal pain. It is also known to reduce the discomfort occurring as a result of pancreatitis. Grape seed oil is also used to treat small and big cuts and scrapes.
  • Grape seed oil proves to be effective in shrinking the swelling from non-cancerous breast cysts. This is a major problem faced by one out of five preclimacteric women today.
  • Regular intake of grape seed oil helps in increasing the flow of nutrient-rich blood to all parts of the body, including the extremities. It helps in shrinking varicose veins and improving skin color and texture. It also acts as a catalyst for vitamin C, thereby promoting softer and smoother skin.
  • Grape seed oil also helps in maintaining the healthy collagen level, the fibrous part of connective joint tissue, thereby preventing arthritis. Intake of grape seed oil during arthritis reduces the inflammation that causes pain.
  • Intake of grape seed oil also helps in improving the eyesight of a person by increasing the efficiency of the small blood vessels in the eyes.
  • Grape seed oil is full of beneficial nutrients that protect the skin from harmful UV radiation. It also helps in hiding and lightening the effects on age spots and pigmented skin caused by ultraviolet rays. Regular intake of grape seed oil protects the skin from sunburns.
  • Grape seed oil is rich in linoleic acid, which helps in reducing any complications associated with diabetes.

Cooking Tips

Grape seed oil is suitable for cooking on high temperatures, due to its relative high smoke point. It is used for sautéing, stir-fries and fondue. Grape seed oil has a clean, light taste which is described commonly as a “nutty” taste. It is also used as an ingredient for salad dressings or as a base for flavoring, because of its neutral taste. Grape seed extract can also be used as an ingredient in homemade mayonnaise.

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