Things to Do When You Can’t Sleep

There are many people that suffer from insomnia and they just cannot fall asleep easy. Here you can check out 10 simple tips that could help you to overcome the sleeplessness.

Healing Trees for Ailing Man – Neem

These healing trees gave medicine for both body and mind. The first medicines were from tree bark, leaves and roots. This is the story of the Neem tree.

How to Cleanse Your Body in Two Days

If you feel tired and overloaded, then treat yourself with a cleansing diet directly at the next weekend. The cleansing diet will help your body to detox and to relax.

Natural Toxins in Natural Foods

We all know the saying there are always exceptions that prove the rule. The general rule is that eating plenty of fruit and vegetables is exceptionally good for you, but there are a few exceptions to this rule that might surprise you. Some natural foods contain compounds that hinder your health.

Food That Cause Bloating

A list of foods that are known to cause bloating.

Accuracy of Calories Burned Information on Exercise Equipment

Q: How accurate is the information treadmills and step machines provide about calories burned? A: The listing of calories used during exercise on equipment like...

11 Ways to Slow Down for More Joyful Living!

In order to create a simpler and more elegant lifestyle, you have to slow it down a bit. Life runs so fast that it seems like we feel the need to chase it.

Seven Toxic Essential Oils

Essential oils are what are used in aromatherapy. They provide many valuable benefits, however there are essential oils that are potentially hazardous. They are as follows.

Losing Weight with a Balanced Approach

Q: I've done a lot of diets with strict rules but usually end up gaining the weight back. I don’t know how else to keep eating under control to get back to a healthier weight. What do you suggest?

25 Ways to Give Back – From Fur to Feathers

Looking for a way you can truly give back? Expand the circle of compassion to include all living things by helping those who cannot ask-from dogs and cats to whales, to the plight of frogs and bees-the animal kingdom needs our help. Here are 25 ideas for you and your family to show your support by giving voice to the animals with whom we share this world.

The Top Ten Natural Energy Boosting Health Tips

Eat right, exercise regularly, avoid vices, avoid stress. Creating harmonious energetic states is a key element.

Look Younger and 10 Pounds Thinner Instantly while Living Longer with Good Posture

Do you suffer from a sore neck, pot belly, backache or digestive problems? Your posture may be one of the culprits that you can easily correct.
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