The Nature of Happiness

Here are 20 ways to improve your happiness by going with the flow living as nature intended and using the flux of happiness to improve the quality of your life.

5 Ways Gardening and Plants Can Reduce Stress

The wellness benefits of caring for and being around plants are endless. The next time you’re feeling stressed, spend some time in the garden or take a stroll through a park to enjoy the greenery and the natural comfort that comes with being surrounded by plants

Easy Ways to Keep Your Brain Active

Like exercising your body, exercising your brain is also important. Keeping your mind active and engaged may help reduce your risk of dementia. Here...

Lemongrass Essential Oil and Its Benefits

Lemongrass is popular in many countries although it is native to India. Many people are attracted to it because of its light scent.

Lavender Essential Oil Use

Lavender oil has long been considered a basic by the many who use an aromatherapy oil warmer, scented candles, soaps and cosmetics. It is also traditionally thought of as effective in home made mosquito repellents, skin lotions, shampoos and house hold cleaning solutions. With lavender, the essential oil uses are many.

The Subconscious Mind – 5 Great Ways to Harness Your Inner Strength

The following tips will help you change your life for the better since they help increase your sensitivity to what your inner self is already aware of and trying to tell you.

Health Benefits of Grounding

Had you observed how children love to play walking on barefoot, playing with sand or water, or just running around without their clothes on? Though unaware, children might have this unconscious ability to establish a link with the nature's resources, making them a passive receiver of the grounding. But what really is grounding? Here, we are going to discuss on what grounding is all about and how it can affect our body, especially our health.

What’s Your Number? Hours of Sleep That You Require

Sleep is essential to staying naturally healthy. Too little is known to cause serious consequences and too much may cause serious health problems as well. Keeping a sleep diary for a few weeks, noting how you feel with your sleep, can help you get your magic sleep number just right for you!

Tips for Staying Cool when Exercising Outdoors

Learn how to stay safe while you reap the benefits of physical activity in the warm weather. Here are some tips.

5 Simple Steps to a Healthier, Happier You

Getting healthy can sometimes feel like an impossible feat, and you don't always know where to start. It's important to begin with simple steps that will become habits. Before you know it, they will be a part of your everyday routine and you'll see benefits soon.

Stress Relief Oil – Aromatherapy First Aid Kit

Whether you use aromatherapy as a stand alone or as a complementary first aid treatment there are several aromatic oils I'd like to recommend...

How to Think Positive and Stop Thinking Negative

The moment you eliminate negative thinking from your thought patterns, you shall have taken the most important step toward happiness, personal health and well-being....
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