Emergency Prepardeness

Emergency Kit

It’s a smart idea to know what goes into an emergency kit and start putting one together.
Storing Water

Storing Drinkable Water

Without Water You Won't Survive Past 3 Days There is not much more important to your survival than storing drinking water. Without it you will...
Micro Farming

The Truth About Starting a Micro Farm Today

The good news is, it is still possible to have a sustainable, profitable micro farm on a small piece of land. However, the truth...
Food Storage

Surviving a Food Shortage for Preppers

Natural disasters can also occur and you may find yourself at a loss of options that you can use to feed your family. It...
Self Sufficiency

Self Sufficiency – It’s a Full Time Job

Often we confuse self sufficiency with self reliance. The two are related but they're very different. Think back to the days of the pioneers heading...
Early Garming

Early Farming Practices in 1800s Ohio

Have you ever wondered how the pioneers got their bread? After all, there were no brightly-lit grocery stores boasting shelves of different varieties of...
Selling Organic Food

Making Money on the Community Demand for Local Organic Herbs, Spices...

Today there is a very large demand for locally grown organic produce, herbs and spices that is expanding exponentially. The home based entrepreneur has...
Raising Chickens

An Essential Guide to Chicken Health for The Small Scale Chicken...

It is becoming increasingly more popular to keep chickens in your back garden. In addition to the benefits derived from having delicious, free-range eggs...
Rabbit Farming

An Introduction to Rabbit Farming

Rabbit farming is becoming popular all over the world, especially in third world countries as rabbit is being recognized as a new source of...

How Early American Pioneers Used Their Venison Recipes

Many of America's favorite venison recipes originated during the pioneer days of the United States when whitetail deer traditions began. In those years of...