How Did Old West Settlers Know What Time it Was?

How did settlers in the Old West really know what time it was? Did they keep close track of the hours and minutes? And whose "time" was considered the "right" time in the many small towns and farms spread across the American West?

Deer Species Used in Deer Farming

Deer farming traces its roots to northern Europe where native people have been tending reindeer herds for centuries.

Old Country Home

When we were just toddlers in the 1950's, my brother and I rode with our parents in their old Nash from Corpus Christi to San Antonio to visit our grandparents in San Antonio, Texas. These are special times that we shall never see again and it is good to get them into print so we don't lose our very special American heritage. When we look back at fond memories of the past, we stop and smell the flowers.

The Surprising Benefits of Cattle Farming and Ranching

Cattle farming and ranching plays an important role in preserving biodiversity and the habitats of local wildlife, while also supporting healthy soil.

Selling Home-Grown Tea Herbs

There are numerous ways to package dried herbal teas for sale, from tea-themed gift baskets to home spa tea collections.

Selecting a Breed of Chicken

If you are serious about raising chickens in your backyard, determine what you want to raise them for and get the type of chicken breed that best fits your purpose.

Have You Ever Wondered Where The Homesteader Barn Came From?

Any person who has driven through the wide expanses of rural America and Canada could not have failed to see the beautiful old barns standing here and there. A homesteader barn was once a common sight in these areas because of the important role they played in helping the early settlers wrest a livelihood from the earth.

Power Outage – Happy Home Tips

Keep candles handy; use them to decorate your home if at all possible. They look good and when the lights go out you can ease the tension room by room lighting one decorative display at a time.

Home Food Storage

When it comes to food preservation there are two very important things that should be looked at, Why and How.

North American Deer Species

North America is home to many species of deer (Cervidae). While you may know some, chances are you don't know all of them. Here, we'll take a look at the different North American deer species.

No Regrets: 10 Key Things to Consider Before Moving to the Country

The country lifestyle is not for everyone. It's all about preparation. Knowing what you're getting into with a rural property. And being honest with yourself. Is country living really for you?

Different Land Clearing Methods

Land clearing is not an easy task. However, there are experts who can help you get the job well done and on time.
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