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Small Mites Causing Big Problems for Honey Bees

While the average gardener can’t help honey bees fight varroa mites, what they can do is help in another important way – by planting pollinator-friendly gardens.

Farming with Aquaponics

What species or types of fish can be used in the aquaponic system? What fruits, vegetables, and plants can be grown with this system? It is said that farming with aquaponics can be done in the home; is this true?

To Shroom or Not to Shroom – Know Your Mushrooms

Mushrooms, toadstools, fungus. They may look alike but if you're an amateur, you should refrain from picking them in the woods.

Packaging Your Honey

Once you harvest your honey you will need to store it. This article will talk you through what kind of containers to use.

How to Start a Blueberry Farm

Everything you need to know about starting a blueberry farm. How long it takes to produce blueberries, the soil, space, water and care.

The Real Granny Smith – A Passion for Apples

You know it, you love it - the Granny Smith apple. But did you know there really was a Granny Smith?

Yum! Tasty Edible Flowers You Can Grow Yourself

Add a beautiful, aesthetic touch to your next dinner with tasty flowers that you can grow yourself.

Sow Carrots, A Rainbow of Color

Despite the fact that orange carrots were the only ones on the market and the menu until maybe a decade ago, carrots were once purple and some records suggest that white and maybe other colours were grown as well.

10 Most Profitable Specialty Crops to Grow

Growing high-value specialty crops is the perfect way to turn your gardening skills into extra income.

Food and Water Preps: Cattails

How to use Cattails as a food source.

7 Ways to Make Money Growing Lavender

Lavender can be one of the most profitable cash crops for small growers. Here are seven of the best ways to turn lavender into cash.

10 Lessons We Can Learn from Honeybees

We can learn many things by observing the behavior of honeybees. Here are ten examples of lessons we could usefully apply to our own lives.
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