How to Get Beautiful Skin

How to Get Beautiful Skin

There are several key factors relating to a person’s lifestyle habits that dictate how their skin looks. Adopting the following lifestyle recommendations can really improve the overall look and feel of your skin:

* Eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables is as important for the health of your skin as it is for the rest of your body, so “veg out” in a good way!

* It is important to remain hydrated by drinking at least two liters of clear water per day.

* Sleep is another key ingredient to beautiful skin. People really need 7-9 hours of sleep per night. This time allows for the restoration of oxygen levels in the blood, which is responsible for cell repair and renewal.

* The UV rays from the sun are responsible for the appearance of accelerated aging. For this reason, it is important to stay out of direct sun light, so make sure that you always wear a hat or high factor sunscreen when you plan to spend time in the sunshine.

* Try to avoid stressful situation, as stress takes its toll on the overall health of our bodies, both inside and outside.

* Smoking is really bad for your overall health, but others can see the damage that smoking does to your skin. Smoking causes wrinkles around the mouth and clogged pores, so stop smoking and improve your total body health.

* Women, never go to bed wearing make-up. Make-up can seep into the pores, clogging them, so always wash your face twice before going to bed. The first wash is to take off the make-up, and the second wash is to clean the skin.

The other side of beautiful skin, other than living a healthy lifestyle, is daily treatment and protection:

* Wash the face in the morning and at night. This helps to prevent clogged pores, which lead to zits, blackheads and other blemishes. Make sure to treat the skin with delicacy, never scrubbing, pulling, or tugging on it.

* At night, after washing your face, exfoliate with a gentle scrub to remove dead skin cells. This process should be done a minimum of twice per week for optimum radiance. Products that contain alpha-hydroxy acids, that are derived from sugar-cane, milk, fruits and have anti-inflammatory properties are the best exfoliating products.

* Nourish the skin of your face with facial masks made from banana, plain yogurt, or avocado. Taking vitamin C is also a great way to nourish your skin, as it aids in the formation of collagen. Nourishing your skin in these ways smooths, and improves the overall texture.

* Hydrate your skin, by using a light, non-greasy moisturizer at bed time, and a day-time moisturizer with sunscreen during the day.

* Keep your skin supple and radiant by stimulating blood circulation. This can be done with daily exercise, followed by a shower alternating the water temperature between hot and cold, which will improve the blood flow through your body and provide your skin with nutrients and oxygen.

* Drinking a glass per day of hot water with lemon helps to invigorate your entire body, including the gall bladder and liver, cleansing the blood of toxins that can cause skin problems.

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