Creating cards can be very pleasurable and relaxing. The main material for making greeting card is paper or card. There are many types of paper to choose from but the most important thing to remember is that the card needs to be able to stand up alone. Opting for a thick card will achieve this easily. Now onto decorating, there are various types of paints, ink, accessories to attach; writing styles, drawings, markers, feathers, even using crayons or felt tip pens can give a great effect. Your imagination is the only barrier when is comes to creating great cards. Plus the card will always be unique because of your personal style, and the sentiment you want to convey.

Many decorate cards by using their home computer. Again you will need a thick card / paper for structure, however make sure your printer can take the card’s thickness. Each printer specifies the maximum thickness of paper or card it will take. Check this first before attempting to print, this way you will avoid the getting paper jammed. When using a computer the paper variation stretches even further, different papers give different results, so experiment. To personalize it more by using your own photographs this can create a great special touch, plus with a printer you can print everything with ease.

If you have the skill or want to try something new, using calligraphy pens can add a special touch to any card. It takes a special talent to produce quality work using a calligraphy pen, but for beginners stick to short sentences or single words e.g.: the recipient’s name. Such a card would convey thoughtfulness and care to the recipient. Use the right tools, calligraphy pen sets are easy to obtain from any local art or stationary store.

Get the children involved in creating cards, they will love it. A simple piece of standard paper and a crayon can produce a great simple master piece. Push the boundaries and introduce finger paints, scrap paper, buttons, wool, magazine cut-outs, craft foams pieces, glitter, glue the list is endless. However more accessories fuel’s the imagination of the child.

Last but no means least the choice of cards produced by the large amount of card companies. Card companies offer convenience, saving the buyer time, effort, resources and money. They cater for all occasions, all members of the family, friends, colleagues and more. All is needed from the buyer is to choose which one to purchase, which is a job within itself.

With all the options available there is no excuse for missing that special occasion again. Which ever method you choose to take, the single most important fact is that you like the card, and the recipient will like it to.

Happy Card Making.


J. Walker is a designer, publisher and researcher. If this article interests you, visit her website here:Vine of Words – Finding Something of Interest

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