How to Make Oyster Mushroom Spawn at Home

How to Make Oyster Mushroom Spawn at Home

Mushrooms are a fungus that has a different life cycle compared to other plants that grow from seeds and die. The living tissue of the fungi is underground which feeds on rotten wood, and this is known as mycelium. This ingredient is needed for making them breed. This is any mixture of mycelium when combined with a substrate. A common form is a mycelium mixed with a combination of sawdust. This is an inexpensive method of making this at home. It is also possible to make mushroom proliferate with cardboard and paper. These are placed at those locations where the gardener wants them to grow.

Are you tempted to buy oyster mushroom spawn for sale? Let us make some at home.

Materials needed:

• Get some cardboard

• Bucket to hold warm water

• Plastic containers

• Bowls

• Spoon, knife, and fork

• Aluminum foil

• Drill

Let us discuss the steps to make these types propagate at home.

Searching for Mycelium

You have to find fresh fungi with stems that are intact. The stems are required for breeding. So while picking up edible fungi choose the ones with perfect stems. If you cannot find living stems or you are hesitant about the quality of local mushrooms whether they are poisonous, then go in for pre-made oyster mushroom spawn for sale. Mycelium helps in producing mushrooms under proper conditions. So make and nurture your spawn to produce quality mushrooms.


Fill a big bucket with lukewarm water. You can make mushrooms proliferate with cardboard. While making a selection of cardboard, use the ones from those countries which do have environmental regulations. Avoid those cardboard which have toxic glues. Soak the cardboard pieces into this warm water for several hours. Drain the water and tear the cardboard layers to show the corrugated area. Place these back into the bucket and add the mushroom stems or pre-made spawn. Cover with extra cardboard. Keep them in the dark place. This process will take a few months. The spawn once it has multiplied, will be ready when you see a whitish coating on the box.


When the spawn is ready for use, a substrate can be inoculated. Moisten and keep in a cool, dark place.

Consider Starting Your Production Commercially:

Once you have begun growing your these types successfully, then you may want to branch out on your own and start producing your edible fungi. This is a good practice not to spawn beyond a few times to reduce chances of contamination. Any form of contamination will lead to less production of mushrooms. Cardboard is an amazing method to ensure breeding because it is easily found and very cheap too. It can hold moisture very well. You can create a lot of breeding with almost negligible effort. Once a batch of cardboard is colonized then you may use it partly for growing and the rest of it to create more breed. You will then get a steady supply of cheap, quick replenishable spawn.

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