Liver Tonic Tea Blend to Dramatically Improve Skin Conditions, Eye Soreness and Migraines

Liver Tonic Tea

In the western world today one of the most abused parts of our bodies is the liver. When its not working in an optimal way it can effect the skin, our eyes and often create headaches. You might realize this after a heavy nights drinking you have a hangover which often means you have a headache / migraine. Well this can often be the result of the liver trying to recover from the alcohol. When the liver is operating optimally you can really feel the difference and that relates to our emotions as well as the challenges we take on in life. So its not just an organ, it is so much more.

First, let me ask you some questions that may help you to understand how important the liver is and how having it work inefficiently can effect your life outside and inside.

– Does your creativity feel stunted or below par recently?
– Do you frequently feel angry or irritated?
– Do you feel a lack of drive or ambition?
– Do you feel an aversion to taking a risk, or trying something new?
– Are your hands and/or feet frequently cold?
– Do you struggle to digest fatty foods or do you tend to avoid them?
– Do you have dry or oily skin?
– Do you have a tendency to have inflamed skin, like eczema, acne or psoriasis?
– Do you have chronic muscular tension, especially in your neck and shoulders?
– Is it especially in the right shoulder and/or shoulder blade?
– Do alcoholic beverages or fatty food sometimes make you feel sick?
– Are your eyes sometimes sore, dry or inflamed?
– Do you suffer from headaches or migraines?
– Do you have allergies?

So what is the secret. What are the magic ingredients that can help you to receive all these benefits in your life? Here are the ingredients you will find in your Cleansing Tonic Tea Blend, as well as just a small relevant, selection of their many, well researched, and time proven benefits:


– Crucial Key ingredient
– Releases energy blockages, relieving muscular tension and allowing toxins to be dealt with, also restoring balance to whole meridian system
– Cools Liver relieving headaches and anger
– Cleans the Liver allowing it to return to optional functioning, improving circulation, fat absorption and efficiency of environmental toxin processing and removal
– Increases the ability of the Liver to clean the blood
– Beautifying, especially for the eyes and skin.


– Liver protective, shown to promote the regeneration of Liver tissue,
– Detoxifies the liver
– Hydrating to the skin, keeping it moist and supple, protected from the elements
– Assists the Liver in optimal functioning

Dang Gui

– Strong Blood builder, rebuilds red blood cells, and increases Blood volume
– Beautifies by detoxifying the skin, is effective for dermatitis, rosacea, eczema, alopecia, vitiligo etc.
– Effective to treat painful, irregular or absent menstruation
– Mildly sedative action, calms nervous disorders

White Peony

– Potent Blood purifier and cleanser
– Relaxes muscular tension, especially menstrual, foot and leg cramps
– Has a pain-relieving, antispasmodic and analgesic effect
– An anti aging herb, keeping you looking and feeling young for longer

Prepared Rehmannia

– Potent Blood builder
– Warming effect, balancing several of the other herbs


– Strong Blood builder
– Keeps energy levels high, so detoxification symptoms are minimal

Ho She Wu

– Blood Cleanser
– Promotes the growth and development of red blood cells
– Increases Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) activity. SOD is one of the body’s most powerful antioxidant free radical scavenger


– Broad Spectrum detoxifier, proven to gently rid the body of over 1000 known toxins
– Harmoniser, Helps all other ingredients to work together more easily
– Delicious flavour takes away any ‘rough edges’, of any other ingredients


– Improves Blood Circulation, especially to extremities
– Disperses areas of blood, and therefore also Chi, stagnation


– Detoxifies Blood
– Treats Anaemia

This is a small overview of just a few of the most relevant benefits. Books could, and have, been written extolling the virtues of each particular herb, and the sum of all of them combined in this perfectly balanced formula are greater than the individual herbs. If you’re interested I highly recommend you research and find out more, you will be fascinated and enthralled, as I am, by their amazingly diverse benefits and long history of effective use.

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Elwin is the founder of Lion Heart Herbs, Europe’s number one resource for all your health needs, and Lion Heart Solutions. He’s the author of the forthcoming ‘Raw Transformation’ and creator of ‘The Easy Exhaustion Cure for Workaholics and Overachievers’ as well as being a regular contributor to the magazines ‘Get Fresh’ and ‘Passion’.

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