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Father’s Day Magnetic Photo Gift Idea

Homemade Refrigerator Photo Magnet

The perfect gift for Dad on Father’s Day is one that will be used often and shown with pride. A homemade, handcrafted photo magnet for his refrigerator is the perfect solution. When displayed on the fridge, Dad can see them everyday and know where to find them when it’s bragging time. I have a method of recycling those old calendar refrigerator magnets into a perfect Father’s Day gift for Dad. You can use this technique to display photos, kid’s artwork or craft projects. The cost is literally pennies.

The whole process it quite simple.

Start with a photo or craft project.
Apply double sided tape to the back to make a homemade sticker.
Peel the backing off your new sticker and place it on your recycled calendar magnet.

That’s it! You’re done!

How simple and cheap can a personalize Father’s Day gift get? The most difficult part of this project is selecting which photo to use or not getting carried away and making more magnetic photos than a fridge can hold.

The beauty behind this DIY Father’s Day gift is that it is cheap, an old unused calendar magnet, a few square inches of double sided tape and a photo. Also, it can be renewed! Yes, a perpetual gift, each time you have a new up to date photo, you, make a new photo sticker. Walk right up to your father’s fridge and stick that new photo sticker on top of the old one. Is that perfect or what? Dad always has the latest photo on display. When the photo magnet gets to heavy, peel the magnet off the old stickers and start over again.

Here are a few tips on making your Father’s Day photo magnet gift.

Select an appropriate magnet size for you photo or resize your photo.
If framing your photo keep the materials lightweight and use a thicker magnet.
Don’t be limited to photos, lightweight craft projects are great ideas and work well.
Do not use cloth type carpet tape.
Use mineral spirits to clean adhesives from cutting surfaces.

There are countless ways to add beauty and style to your Father’s Day Photo Magnet Gift.

The easiest is to cut the photo magnet to a unique shape. After attaching the photo to the magnet, use any sharp scissors to reshape the photo magnet, to follow the skyline for example. Build a lightweight frame for the photo or use a “matting” technique to enhance the photo. Add doodads or trinkets to spice up the photo. Clipart is a great way to add beauty or humor to your magnetic masterpiece.

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