Father’s Day Crafts: Gift Wrapping

Father's Day Crafts

Here is a Unique Specialty Gift Wrapping for Father’s Day That Anyone Can Do

Ok, so you have the Fathers Day gift, now what? Well why not incorporate some simple sports or hobby themed related items to your gift wrapping. In order words, try adding layers of interest to what would normally be considered a traditional gift wrapped box with a bow. This project will demonstrate how easily anyone can spice up a plain wrapped gift for Fathers Day that your loved one is sure to enjoy.

This project is all about the details. Not only are you creating visual interest, your also something that your one love can use after the gift is unwrapped.

You will need the following supplies:

  • Sports or hobby related gift wrapping paper – We chose one that has an antiqued look to it.
  • 1 small bungee cord – Use a medium or large bungee cord for larger boxes or packages. Bungee cords come in a variety of colors and sizes. Coordinate the color of your bungee cord with the colors in your wrapping paper.
  • 1 name tag – Store bought or you can make your own.
  • Hole puncher
  • Ribbon or cording – Choose a color that matches the colors in your gift wrapping.
  • 1 decorative sports related item. Choose items that can be easily attached to the end of your bungee cord. You can purchase one at a party supply or craft store. Another idea would be to look at what you have in the garage or in the house. For example, your husband loves to play darts. You could buy a package of darts and attach one of them to the bungee cord.
  • Scotch tape
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie pen

Steps 1 – Begin by measuring and cutting your themed wrapping paper. You can also use plain colored wrapping paper and stamp a sports or hobby related theme pattern on to your paper using different colored ink. In attempt to keep this project simple, I opted for a decorative single sheet store bought wrapping paper.

Step 2 – Wrap paper and secure with scotch tape.

Step 3 – Using your hole puncher, punch a hole out on the top of the name tag and address card using your sharpie pen. Set name tag aside.

Step 4 – Wrap bungee cord around the center of your box or package hooking the ends together.

Step 5 – Thread your ribbon or cording through the opening of your name tag and attach to the bungee hooks, and tie the ribbon at the back of the hook.

Step 6 – Attach a decorative theme related item to the other bungee cord hook by securing with ribbon or cording. Take care not to cover too much of the design of your sports or hobby related wrapping paper.

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The Author:

Linda Johnson is an experienced crafter and interior/exterior decorating specialist.

Photo. Ylanite Koppens

Source: Articlesbase.com

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