Make Money Quilting – 5 Methods

Make Money Quilting - 5 Methods

Start making plans to open your quilting business and operate from your home, a rental location, or a commercial building which you own. Make money quilting a personal stash to sell, represent other quilters, sell quilting services, and retail quilting supplies.

Five methods to make money quilting:

1. Make Your Own Quilts

Through time you have built an inventory of your quilts. Do continue to quilt and accept custom orders

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2. Sell Products Which Other Quilters Have Made

Some people have a problem representing others; however, it is good business to open your doors to other merchandise made by other quilters. Their products can be a welcomed asset to your business. Purchase wholesale or do consignment. Have rules, regulations, and contracts to avoid any misunderstandings. Monies are made from quality merchandise and reputable quilters.

3. Sell Quilting Services

Teach quilting classes or have out-of-town guests teach. This will attract more customers to your location.

Have available quilt machine repair services, sharpening scissors, and other professional sewing services available for your customers.

4. Retail Quilting Supplies

It pays to have a section of quilting supplies, cloth, tools, and accessories. This will be additional income from classes and customers.

5. Duplicate These Services Online

Let your computer be the other silent salesman for your thriving business.

All of the above or part of it can also be duplicated online. Own an online quilting business. It can be used as a great starting point from a home based business or as a complement to a brick and mortar location.

If you are passionate about your quilting and this is the lifestyle for your next career then also be enthusiastic about your business. Start part-time or full-time. The choice between these two is your decision. You are the boss.

It is exciting owning and operating a business with products that you have a passion to share with others. Start your own quilting business today. If you continue to hesitate for any reason it will never be done.

If there is a chance you are hesitating, thinking that is a grandma thing, and no one would really be interested. You will need to recognize that the quilting market is a multi-billion dollar industry. Grandma did not do it. Quilting has become very popular and worldwide in the new market place.

This is exciting for many quilters. There is an outlet for any interest which a quilter may have from designing and sewing quilts to dyeing or making their own cloth. There is profit in specialty niches or as a generalist.

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