Purification by Air

Air Purification

The third of the Four Elements, air is very important for energy content of the astral light. Its quality is important for nourishing our energy body with this light. Your auric fields take in and process the air around, you so it is important to keep it purified.

A time-honored tradition for purifying the air, incense is used in many religions for its ability to raise vibrational levels in a space. While it is raising the levels of space, it can simultaneously raise the vibration of the people in the space.

The astral planes are associated with different smells from garbage type smells to the elevated scents of sandalwood, lilac, etc. The various smells are attractive to entities that inhabit these planes, from parasitic to angelic, so it is very important to purify with consciousness.

Incense is used around the world, in most religions and now more and more commonly in the general populous. It is quick and easy to use; however care should be taken to use only the highest quality incense. Some of it is very high frequency, while synthetic types may actually lower the energy of air. Incense comes in several different forms.

  • Stick incense is readily available now days. It’s even in the grocery and discount stores. It is important to use an incense holder designed for sticks. The hot ember at the end of the stick will sometimes fall and the ashes are hot. Don’t set your sacred space on fire!
  • Granular incense should be burned on a self-igniting charcoal disk. Wait until the disk is red-hot and then sprinkle the grains onto it. It is easier to waft about granular incense simply because you will not leave behind a trail of ash to be cleaned up. A cleared space is a clean space. Make sure the vessel you use is fire safe and don’t set it down on unprotected surfaces. Be sure to dowse out the charcoal when you are finished.
  • Cone incense is used in the same way granular is used and with the same precautions.
  • Smudge stick tradition comes from native cultures. A bundle of dried herbs (Usually sage, cedar or sweet grass is used, but not limited to one of these). Is tied tightly together so that there is a slow burn and resulting smoke to smudge the air. Be careful of falling embers with a stick too.

Essential oils can be used by vaporizing them over a warmer, in a bowl of warm water or even allowing air to blow across them as a gentle fan breeze. There are even some nightlights designed to vaporize oils and many candles have essential oils included when they are formed. However, be cautious with the candles as with the incense, some commercial candles will lower the vibration rather than raising it.

Simply raising the windows and letting fresh breezes blow through will purifying air. There is a reason swinging it soothing. It forces the goodness of air into your auric fields where it can relax and rejuvenate. Allow the air currents to purify yourself, your home and even your car.

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