Purification by Fire

Purification by Fire

Purification by fire is the final element in the five element series or air, water, earth, sound (spirit) and of course fire. Modern society is once again embracing fire as a purifying element. While it has never actually gone out of style, in the past few years home environments have gone from having a fireplace in the main living room, to fireplaces in master suites and spa bathrooms, to fire pits outdoors to the a complete outdoor fireplace.

Just sitting by a burning fireplace can purify your emotions. If you have a fire outdoors, even the smoke can be useful to clear your auric field. Throw in a handful of aromatic dried herbs and you can have a wonderful body, mind and spirit experience.

Fire cannot be contaminated as the other elements; it purifies itself burning while it purifies other things. Most of us have held sticks over a fire to sear and thus purify them before adding a wiener or marshmallow. Don’t they taste so much better when cooked over an open fire than if cooked on a stove? However, fireplaces and firepots should be cleaned regularly. Not just for safety, but so that it purifies your home at top capacity. Don’t leave heaps of old ashes, the acrid smell is a low level smell attract the lower astral planes and contaminate your freshly purified space,

In some cultures, fire ceremonies test the strength of religious convictions and speak of the concentration of higher consciousness. Fire ceremonies are the root of the saying, trial by fire. The traditional of firecrackers was originally to drive off evil spirits, with the glitz and glamour of skyrockets following later. Other cultures conduct fire ceremonies to honor deity and most churches burn candles for their services. Even the horrific Burning Times may be a malicious and convoluted tie in to the tradition of Santa Lucia, a young girl whose purity was believed to have kept her untouched by candle fires. During the witch hunts, it was believed that innocent (pure) woman would not burn. Even the traditional of bonfires before sporting events is a way to clear the air and build up energy with the intention energized so that the team wins the next game.

If you aren’t fortunate enough to have fireplaces indoors or outdoors or even a place for a campfire, candles will also purify the air as they burn. Of course, the larger you can safely burn, the better and if you include some natural incense, you can easily purify your home, while enjoying the aroma and relaxation of candlelight. Candles can be placed with regular spacing through the perimeter of your home, creating a clearing circle. If you feel the land your home sits on needs clearing, a beautiful string of luminaries can serve that purpose.

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