Beauty Secrets of The World – Page 18

Beauty Secrets of The World - Page 18

Readers beauty tips for perfect eyebrows, blackheads, facial scrubs and exfoliating washes.

Perfect Eyebrows

by Madameetch

Don’t throw that wand away along with the mascara. Wash it good with dishwashing detergent and use it to shape your eyebrows. Put a little hair gel or mousse in your hand, dip the wand in it and apply it to your eyebrows. This is especially great for when your plucking them, too.

Don’t Use Toothpaste

by Pinkraincloudshf

I know everyone thinks toothpaste does wonders to your face but it doesn’t!!!! I put toothpaste on my nose to get rid of blackheads and it burned a hole in my skin it was gross and made everything worse DON’T USE TOOTHPASTE!!!!

Baking Soda as a Facial Scrub

by Barbara

I mix a combination of 1 teaspoon baking soda to my daily cleanser as a facial exfoliator. The baking soda smooths rough patches an scrubs away dead skin. I have extremely sensitive skin and have always had a hard time finding facial scrubs that aren’t so harsh. This one works great!

Love Your Lemons

by Marla – Lmt Cat

Next time you go out to eat, order lemon wedges. Lemons contain bacteria fighting agents. Squeeze the lemon into your water using your knife and fork to clean harmful bacteria off the surface. Squeeze the remaining juice in your hands and cleanse entire surface. The rind contains the oils, a more concentrated form of cleaning agent. If you’re brave enough not to look paranoid with your guest, peel the lemon, use the rind to clean your silverware, glass, and hands. An added plus to this cleaning technique is that water with lemon stimulates digestive enzymes to improve digestion and is excellent for internal cleansing as well.


by Fantastic Cat

I went to Walmart and bought some Sara Michael’s oil spray. It’s like six bucks for a pretty good sized bottle. Then I took one of those hinged lid jars with the rubber thing on it (I guess it’s a canning jar or something) and poured some table salt into it. I added oil and stirred, then repeated that until the jar was almost full. At the end, you want just a little more oil than salt, so that there is a thin layer of oil on top of the salt. This exfoliates and moisturizes at the same time and leaves your skin smelling YUMMY! Cheaper than that stuff you buy in the mall, plus, you get the satisfaction of knowing YOU made it! Great gift idea as well. One caveat: Clean the tub out really well after using it, because it really makes the tub slick. Also, it’s better to use it on your skin BEFORE you take a shower, while your skin is still dry because it works better. I don’t why. Leave it on for about 5 min then rinse it.

Source: – Ingredients for a Simple Life.


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