Beauty Tips and Secrets – page 2

Beauty Tips and Secrets - page 2

Beauty Tips and Secrets, submitted by readers like you!  Advice for Life, Redness Out of Pimples, Acne Help, Redness Out of Pimples

Advice for Life

by Liz

Eat right,
Exercise in whatever form you like,
Pick up after yourself each day,
Make some time for yourself each day,
Take two baths or showers each day,
Pay your bills on time,
Don’t spend what you don’t have,
Stop and look at a flower or tree or bird each day,
Listen to the birds.
If your job is too stressful find another.

I did these things and my life is 100% better than last year.

Remember life is not a dress rehearsal, this is it!!!!

Great Beauty Mask

by Liz

A great beauty mask is plain non fat yogurt (no fruit). Put on your face for 15 minutes then rinse off. Gives a nice glow to your skin.

Redness Out of Pimples

by JD Cuddy

As visine “gets the red out” of eyes, it also works great on your big red pimples!

Acne Help

by Liz

If your skin is breaking out, go to a good dermatologist right away. Acne can scar your skin. If you can’t afford it, buy some benzol peroxide at your drug store or market. Your face may get dry, that’s ok you want it dry and peel the dead skin off to clear the pores. Don’t mess around with acne. Today the doctors can clear it up fast.

Redness Out of Pimples

by L. Hudgins

To remove redness from blemishes and to lessen inflammation, I take a couple of aspirins (aspirin is Salicylic Acid) soften them in a cup with about 2 teaspoons of cold water. I then blend to make a grainy paste. I pat this on the blemish. I usually keep it on overnight or while I clean house. I then rinse to remove and apply make-up as usual. If you are allergic to aspirin in any form it might be a good idea to check with your doctor or avoid using this method.

Source: – Ingredients for a Simple Life.

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