Learn Different Ways of Removing Skin Tags

Learn Different Ways of Removing Skin Tags

Skin tags can be very annoying and embarrassing for many individuals who may suffer from it. It can be humiliating to wear a summer outfit or to hang out at the beach in a bathing suit. They suspend out from the body. It is more than a cosmetic issue. In fact, in extreme situations, skin tags can result in bleeding. When you go to visit your doctor, he will cut the loose skin, but it may leave a scar.

Furthermore, it will take up a lot of your time and money to visit the doctor.

Here are Several Removal Tips That You Can Do at Home:

Cut Off Tags

You can cut off these annoying tags if you can get a hold of the gut. If you fear doing so, you can use a nail clip. However, you must ensure that it is sterilized and that you have enough bandage to cover the area afterwards.


Tie a bandage, thread or dental floss around the area if you don’t want to feel much pain or discomfort. This actually stops blood from flowing, which will kill the tag and makes it fall off easily.

Make a Paste

Combine baking soda and castor oil, which is easily found in any kitchen cabinet. This technique may be a little messy, but it won’t cause you any pain. Form a paste with both items and then apply it frequently to the affected area over a two week time span. This helps to eliminate the skin tag.

Derma Trend

Derma Trend is a product that you can use to kill and remove the skin tag within a three day period, restoring your skin to its original condition – with fewer blemishes.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apply apple cider vinegar to the affected area. Regular application of the apple cider vinegar for three weeks will give you the best results.

Nail Polish

Nail polish is also an effective home-made remedy for eliminating skin tags. Put the nail polish on the area that is affected. Do so for approximately three weeks continuously. The tag will slowly die and become detached from the skin.


Vaseline applied to the area will suffocate the tags and they will automatically fall off of the infected skin.

Topical Herbal Treatment

Dermisil is a type of topical herbal treatment that you can use. It attacks the affected area and gets rid of the loose skin.


If you are still having trouble, schedule a doctor’s visit to have it removed. This unwarranted skin cell growth on one area of your skin does not represent any worry for serious disease or damage to your health. However, because they are aesthetically unpleasant to look at, your desire to remove them is understood, but be sure to have them done safely.

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  1. Thanks for these remedies. Here are many great remedies for the prevention of skin tags. Home remedies work well and won’t have any side effects on the skin.

    1. You’re welcome! I agree, it’s great to have these home remedies for skin tag prevention. It’s comforting to know that we can easily take care of skin tags without worrying about any potential side effects. These natural remedies can be both effective and gentle on the skin.

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