Uses for Old Baby Blankets


If those older baby blankets are starting to become tattered and unappealing you don’t have to throw them out quite yet. Just because you cannot use them as a blanket anymore doesn’t mean that they cannot have many other uses. In this article we will brainstorm some uses for an old baby blanket.

Old blankets can be used as a bib. Some children do not like bibs and will do anything that they can to get them off. This can include trying to tear them off or just crying because they want you to take them off. These blankets can be wrapped around the child’s body to ensure that their clothes don’t get spilled on (which is inevitable with babies).

Baby blankets can be easily brought with you so that you can use them when you are changing your baby in a public place such as at the mall. When you use the bathroom baby change tables you will find at times that they will be the last place that you would want to lay your baby so you can use the old blankets to lay them on. An old used blanket can easily be folded up to fit into your baby bag and will always have a handy use no matter its age.

Old baby blankets can be used to shield you baby from the bright sun. You can use them easily in the car by placing them over a window or you can lay one across the opening of a baby carriage on a bright day. Most of them are thick enough to block the suns rays and can be easily hung.

These blankets can also become baby toys. Your child could use a baby blanket to build a fort or they can be used to play with. The imagination of a baby is always growing so the amount of uses that they find for the old blankets will be never ending.

Old baby blankets don’t have to be thrown out when they aren’t looking as new as they used to there can be so many other uses that you can find for them. If none of the ideas above are for you then you can always use an old baby blanket as a rag. That way you can use them for just a little longer and once they have gotten too tattered then you can throw them out for good. In times like these, when the economy is tough, there is no room to afford wasting money around. So consider these tips and save some instead!

Just because those old baby blankets are looking worse for wear doesn’t mean that you have to throw them out. A baby blanket can have many uses other than the obvious ones, so keep that in mind!

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