The Best Wedding Flowers for a Spring Wedding

Wedding Flowers
Spring weddings are a popular choice for many couples because of the seasonal flower choices.

Spring always represents new beginnings and fresh starts.

Nature makes sure that happens with a burst of color to replace the dreariness of winter. That is why a spring wedding is such a popular choice for many couples. They have the best selection of in-season blossoms in a multitude of colors and varieties, with choices such as lilacs, tulips, and hyacinths.


Tulips: One of the most popular and favorite choices for brides.

These are one of the most popular and favorite choices for brides. They come in a large selection of varieties and colors like white, orange, near black purple, yellow, and pink. Because they are at the peak of their season at this time of year, they tend to be the most affordable choice.


A springtime classic, the daffodil carries a sunny yellow color that brightens up any bouquet or table, but they are also found in a white variety. Their size creates lovely bouquets and table arrangements. However, the mini-daffodils are ideal for corsages and boutonnieres.

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If your wedding date is set for their peak season, they provide a perfect choice. These lovely blossoms come in shades of white or purple for your bouquets. They also give off a sweet aroma that will carry and scent the air.


Brides love orchids because they hold their shape so well and can be arranged a few days ahead of time. Their natural colors are purples, whites, and greens, but if you need a special color, you can choose a dyed variety in the color you wish for. Because they do hold up so well, they are able to look fresh throughout the day, even if arranged in advance.

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These blossoms carry a lovely fragrance like the lilac, and like the lilac, they are available in purples and whites. However, they are much sturdier and last longer than lilacs. The little bunches of flowers on this blossom give it a very delicate and springtime look. Even though some consider it old-fashioned, it can be modernized by adding steelgrass to the bouquets or even mixing it with other flowers, like roses.

Choosing a spring wedding allows you to have the freshest and most colorful in-season flowers at your disposal. The vibrant colors and freshness of blossoms such as lilacs, tulips, and daffodils make any bouquet or centerpiece stand out. In addition to that, anytime you choose an in-season flower, you end up saving yourself money that can be used for your honeymoon.

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