Uncommon but Amazing Uses of Potatoes

Potatoes are commonly known as a staple food in most family tables. We use potatoes for our food, salads and sometimes in our science projects. But did you know that the all around wonderful thing known as the potato has many other uses too. Here is a list of some of the amazing uses of potatoes.

1. As an Anti Aging Agent

Wash your face daily with potato juice (ground raw potato and mixed with water) which prevents wrinkles on face and makes your face have a radiant glow.

2. Remedy for Skin Burns

Take a raw sliced potato and create a paste by mixing enough water to make it sticky enough. Apply the paste on minor skin burns to relieve pain. (Keep on for 15 minutes)

3. Medicine for Headaches

Secure a half slice of raw potato, and rub it on your temples gently to get relief from minor headaches.

4. Relief for Your Tired Eyes

Place two round and thin slices of a war potato on your eyes to reduce the tiredness of your eyes.

5. Removes Glue on Hands

Potatoes can remove glue from hands. Use a skinned potato to wash your hands when you find it hard to remove the stickiness after handling some vegetables like pumpkins and other sticky materials.

6. As a Shoe Polish

Rub a good sized raw and skinned potato on your old, dirty shoes. Let dry for a while then polish as you would after applying shoe wax. They should come out shiny and clean. Try it out.

7. Acts as a Sleeping Pill

Potatoes can prevent the accumulation of acids in our stomach that disturb our peaceful sleep. Take a boiled and mashed potato mixed with milk before retiring to sleep. The potato increases the tryptophan, an essential amino acid in the human diet, which increases serotonin and in turn gives a calming effect. This results in a calmer state of mind and a longer sleep!

8. As a Polish on Silverware

Boil some potatoes in water. Remove the potatoes from water when done. Leave your silver ware in the water for at least an hour. The Silverware will have a noticeable shiny finish.

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