America’s favorite hair spray, V05 Hair spray, has been around for more than 40 years. Here’s a little trivia tidbit for you. It has the distinction of being the world’s first crystal clear hairspray. This hairspray was a natural follow up to the popular V05 Conditioning Hairdressing.

Well, it turns out that there’s a lot more you can do with a can of V05 hair spray than just keep your locks holding nicely. V05 hair spray is very useful around the house in many ways.

Preserve Floral Arrangements – While it may not help preserve most flowers, you can spray it on broom grass, cattails and baby’s breath to preserve their beauty a while longer.

Laminate Your Recipe Cards – Okay, this is a kooky one, but apparently it works, so spray V05 hair spray onto those recipe cards and let dry. You’ll have a nice glossy finish that will prevent your cards from getting tattered.

Create Glossy Newspaper Wrapping Paper – Apply V05 hair spray to the comic section of the Sunday paper. Let it dry and use your homemade wrapping paper for a humorous gift presentation.

Remove Pet Hair from Furniture – You love your pet, but that shedded hair is all over the place. Grab your can of V05 hair spray and spray some on a piece of tissue. Use the tissue to pick up stray hairs off of the furniture.

Remove Ink Stains from Clothes – There’s nothing more annoying than to get ink on your clothes. Spray V05 hair spray directly on the ink stain. Blot the stained area until the ink comes off. Put clothing item in the wash. This also works for ink stains on your skin and on vinyl.

Thread That Needle – You can make the end of a piece of thread nice and stiff by spraying a little V05 hair spray on the end. Now your thread should easily go right through that needle.

Protect Chalk Art – A great chalk art creation deserves to be seen for as long as possible. To preserve a chalk masterpiece, simply spray it with V05 hair spray.

Stiffen Up Those Ruffled Curtains – Sometimes curtains get ruffled from manhandling. You can straighten them out again with V05 hair spray. Hold the fabric nice and taut, spray the area well.

Protect Decorative Copper and Brass – Polish your decorative copper and brass pieces first, then spray on a protective coating of V05 hair spray.

Zap Those Annoying Bugs Out of the Air – Pesky flies will be immobilized and fall from the sky when you spray them with V05 hair spray. This won’t kill them, but it will make them unable to buzz around your head.

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