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The Top 10 Quick Stock-Ups For Your Home That Will Simplify Your Life

Ever find yourself wishing you had something that seems like an item you should already have lying around the house? It happens to many homeowners, and often at the worst possible times. To prevent yourself from getting stuck in a situation that could have been easily prevented - pick up these simple items on your...
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Green Your Closet

In my last post about living green, I briefly talked about cleaning out your closets in the spring and in the fall. So this season, while you are putting away your shorts and tank tops, take a look at ways that you can green your wardrobe. Here is a short list of what you may...
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Clothes Hangers – Or How to Pamper Your Clothes

Just a basic coat hanger sufficiently performs the function of keeping clothes off the floor, if you take the effort to put your clothes on a hanger. However, that move really is step one. I say this from the viewpoint of a parent - mother of three. We worked for a long time to make...
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Organize Your Family: Quick and Easy DIY Drawer Organizing Project

As our children grow and mature, they take on little personalities of their own. In our household, we have one child, my daughter, who has recently turned four. Over time, she has begun to develop her own "organizing persona" and during that process has developed definite opinions of how her room should be organized. Needless...
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Caring for Heirlooms in Your Closet

Wedding dresses, christening gowns, and other heirloom garments can mean a lot to us, representing important occasions in our lives. It may be a family tradition to pass down wedding gowns, quilts, afghans, and other types of textiles. Proper care of these items can extend their longevity and help to avoid fabric deterioration, discoloration, and...
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Decorating with Vintage Kitchen Collectibles

If you want to add color and personality to your kitchen and to your table there are many vintage kitchen collectibles that will fulfill your design vision. It's easy to take a generic kitchen and transform it with collectibles into a warm and unique space without spending a lot of money. Read more

Nesting: How to Get Rid of Unnecessary Clutter

Nesting- what is it? There's a little ritual called nesting. Especially if you're a first time mom, those last few weeks of waiting for some sign of labor can be arduous. You've got to find something to put all that anticipatory energy toward and what better way than creating a perfect space--prepared, clean and ready for...
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How to Restore Old Wooden Furniture

Don't be turned off by ugly paint or varnish. Quality wooden furniture can be turned into a treasured piece with a few easy steps. Think about searching your local thrift store, weekend garage sale, or perhaps right within your own home. (more…)...
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Simple Home Organizing Tips

Learn fast simple ways to keep your life organized and running along smoothly. Being organized gives you the time to truly enjoy your life and not be weighed down by stuff! (more…)...
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A Collection of Old-time Household Hints

I love collecting recipes, cookbooks and household hints. Below are a list of old-fashioned household hints I collected from the back of an old cookbook. They are interesting, sometimes funny and some are still practical for today. They are written exactly as they were in the book. I hope you will enjoy reading them. And...
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