50 Ways to Detoxify Yourself

50 Ways to Detoxify Yourself

It isn’t hard to detoxify yourself. It doesn’t take a lot of gadgets, an expensive appointment, or a lot of time or effort. It just takes awareness of how you spend your days and what you eat. Ready to find out how?

  1. Spend time each day relaxing. Even 5 minute helps.
  2. Go easy of beauty products, from shampoos to hair spray. They contain toxic chemicals that penetrate your skin and enter your blood stream through your lungs. Greening Skincare

  3. Throw out those old bottles of makeup, lotion, mascara, etc. Things grow there, eww, so toss them out. If you just had a cold, toss out your lipstick to avoid recontamination.
  4. Change your toothbrush on a regular basis and while you are at it, brush your tongue along with your teeth.
  5. Use a salt scrub at the end of your shower.
  6. Try skin brushing. Brushing gloves are very inexpensive at discount stores.
  7. Learn to tune out negative statements and behaviors from those around you. When someone says something nasty, simply become a screen door and let it all flow right through you and out the other side.
  8. Smile.
  9. Laugh. Get movies that make you laugh out loud and watch them. A good belly laugh is good for the soul AND your intestines.
  10. Take back control of your life. Turn off instant anything like: instant messaging on your computer, instant messaging on your cell phone, instant news and weather alerts. Check message once or twice a day instead as they arrive.
  11. Practice patience. A few extra minutes in line aren’t important. You can use it for deep breathing and smiling at the people around you.
  12. Take time to honor the people you interact each day. When the cashier at the grocery store says, “Hello, how are you?” Respond, “I am well. How are you doing today?” You’ll be surprised at the shocked looks you get. They often feel invisible and unappreciated.
  13. Clear up your circle of friends. Be social, but only with people who are happy and a positive outlook on life.

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  14. Just say no. Your child will definitely not suffer for attending one less play date. Take that quality time for the two of you to have fun together. Your child will love it.

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  15. Eat plenty of fiber and drink 1 ounce of water for every 10 pounds you weigh.

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  16. Do some sort of exercise each day. If you are pressed for time, slow down, take time, and do something, even if all you do it stretch. Still thinking, “I don’t see how?” Park at the end of the parking lot at work or the grocery store and walk in.  Brain Research Shows: Diet and Exercise are Keys to Living Well
  17. Washing your hands frequently. It’s no fun to be ill and simple hand washing goes a long way to keep you healthy.

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  18. De-clutter your space. Even clearing out one drawer will get energy moving in your life.

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  19. Change the filters in your air system. Clogged filters create sick homes.
  20. Spend your coffee break outside with a bottle of water instead of under fluorescent lights drinking dehydrating coffee.

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  21. Stop watching the news. The constant repetition of negative information is depressing and can create paranoia. Watching the late night news can keep you awake.
  22. Use non-toxic cleaners. If you don’t want to make your own, check out your local health food store.

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  23. Go to bed and sleep. Trying to get by on 4-5 hours of sleep is not how your body is designed. A lack of rest will create illness.

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  24. Don’t take recreational drugs, cut back on drinking and we all know what smoking does to your lungs.

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  25. Volunteer to do something kind for someone else. Don’t become addicted to giving your time away, but putting kindness out into the world has great benefits.

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  26. Separate yourself. Allow yourself not to have the same things, do the same things as others. Spend time enjoying your own pursuits. Don’t buy the next great gadget; use the ones you already have.
  27. Try hydrotherapy. Even if you can’t afford an expensive spa, soak in the tub with relaxing music and a few lit candles.

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  28. Take natural herbs instead of chemically based products.
  29. Forgive anyone who has wounded you even in some slight way. Forgiveness is for you.

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  30. If you feel you are running in a thousand directions, slow down. Make a list. Check off your to-do list with a wild flourish and congratulate yourself on a job well done, even if it just organizing a table top.

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  31. Eat nourishing meals. Cooking
  32. Don’t play violent games or listen to violent music.
  33. Take out the trash daily. That’s dead energy sitting in your environment.

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  34. Feel like you are dealing with mountains instead of molehills? Take on one small part at time. Before you know you’re done.
  35. Sweat. Sweat cleans not only your skin, but your organs too.

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  36. Take the television, computer and fluorescent lights out of your bedroom. You’ll sleep better.
  37. Trying moving your stuff and see how you can create a new perspective on life.
  38. Move your furniture and create a change in the energy in your home or room.
  39. Keep a few green plants in your home. They will add oxygen to the air and help clean up the energy.

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  40. Eat more vegetables. Eat a vegetable dinner once a week. Organic is better. Home grown the best!

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  41. Get a massage. If you can’t afford a spa, try the massage schools. Many have clinics where students practice.

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  42. Take time each day to practice deep breathing for better health and relaxation.

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  43. Take up Yoga. On a tight budget? Buy an inexpensive DVD and work with the best in the industry!

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  44. Have your energy cleared by a professional Energy Worker, such as a Reiki Master.
  45. Chant.

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  46. Burn incense to clear negative energy in your environment.

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  47. Open the curtains and windows. Sunshine and fresh air will transmute negative energy.

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  48. Spray the area with sea salt water from a sprayer. Just as salt water breaks down the dirty energy that you sweep from your own aura, it also cleans room.

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  49. Make your own holy water by filling a gallon jug with filtered, sea salt water, say a blessing over it and leave it out under the moon overnight. Use it to spray rooms.

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  50. Finally, live your life holistically. That means pay attention to your mind, body and soul. Go within and keep in touch with what your being needs, not what the media says.

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  1. “13.Clear up your circle of friends. Be social, but only with people who are happy and a positive outlook on life.”

    And this is where I believe you lose credibility. This is exactly the kind of advice that is leading to the loss of compassion and empathy for others – resulting in an emotionally stunted population who are more or less told they’re not to feel feelings they’re supposed to learn how to deal with in a healthy manner, and those who are afraid to feel their true feelings or talk to others for fear of not being liked and/or excluded. Thus the increased need for therapists. Absurd.

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