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Make Your Own Bubble Bath

Wouldn’t it be nice to relax into a bubble bath that you’d created? Making bubble bath is simple & fun. They can also make wonderful gifts for friends and loved ones for the holidays or other special occasions.

Make Bubble Bath

To Make Bubble Bath with Inexpensive Ingredients The luxury of soaking in a hot bath is a great stress reducer for many women. By adding...

Cherry Berry Bubble Bath Recipe

Discover how easy it is to make Cherry Bubble Bath at home.

Velvet Apple Bubble Bath Recipe

Try this easy to make at home Velvet Apple bubble bath recipe.

Lilac Sensational Bubble Bath

Fill your tub with the gentle aroma of lilac. You will feel calm and refreshed after bathing in this sensational lilac bubble bath. Here's how to make it.

How to Make Bath Bombs to Treat Sore Muscles

When you make bath bombs at home, you can tailor the recipe to provide exactly the benefit you want.

Ginger Bath Recipe with Zing!

Put a little zing into your next bath! You can create homemade bath recipes that will allow you to enjoy all the health benefits of a soak at the spa in your very own tub!

Water-Bath Canning vs. Pressure Canning

Home canning is a very simple process that can be done in two ways: pressure canning, or water-bath canning.

Wonderful Foaming Honey Foot Bath at Home

How to create this wonderful foaming honey foot bath at home.

Create Heavenly Organic Bath Treats

Who said that wonderfully relaxing baths had to be full of chemicals? Homemade bath products guarantee that you know the ingredients your bath products have in them and save you on cost.

Lavender Dreams Bath

Discover your natural beauty with our easy to follow Lavender Dreams bubble bath recipe.

Tropical Dream Bath Recipe

How to make homemade tropical scented bubble bath.

Create Luxurious Bath and Body Products with Natural Fragrance Oils

Here is an easy and yummy smelling home-made soap recipe that you can make at home. They make wonderful gifts too!

A Wonderful Body Bath

Doesn't everyone enjoy a great body bath? It's relaxing, enjoyable, and even good for you. You may even feel more beautiful after a bath! It's kind of like a massage at a spa - only quicker and less expensive.

Violet Days Bath

How to make floral scented homemade bubble bath.

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