The Boldly Beautiful Formula for a New Life


This simple, yet effective formula is excellent at transforming the old and worn out aspects of your life into a brand new and beautiful life. Are you tired of going in circles and failing to meet your goals one foot before the finish live? You are not alone. It has been my experience that many of my clients quit only a few minutes before the miracle occurs and when you can bring awareness to this aspect of yourself and in following this simple three step process, your dreams really can come true.

Step One: Develop a beautiful mind.

A beautiful mind is your key to a beautiful soul and your soul is strong enough, bold enough and wise enough to always guide you to the finish line. In developing a beautiful mind you can do several things:

– Meditate – any form will do!

– Heal past traumas with theta healing techniques and /or EMDR (Eye Movement Desentization Reprocessing).

– Study and follow the Law of Attraction.

– Reprogram your thoughts with positive affirmations.

– Become your ego’s best friend – love him/her unconditionally.

– Set clear intentions.

– Look for the beauty in your life and be grateful for all that is you and your mind.

Embrace the power of your mind. As you replace outmoded thoughts with new, empowering ones you will be able to tap into the genius in you. Healing your emotions will serve to keep your thoughts and emotions balanced and they will work together, for you rather than against you.

Step Two: Honour Your Beautiful Body

Having a beautiful body does not mean that you have to be a size 4, 6 or even an 8 or 10, beautiful bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Along with a healthy love and respect for the body you do have, you can also do the following to honour it:

– Continue to heal negative and gear based emotions through theta healing techniques and EMDR. When our emotions intertwine with our thoughts we create disease in the body.

– Choose one or two physical activities and do them 3 to 4 times per week.

– Strengthen your core body – you will be amazed at how good this feels.

– Eat healthy, according to your blood type.

– Take anti-oxidants.

– Dance like no on is watching.

– Dress in fashions that accentuate the beauty of your particular body type.

– Take care of your skin with good skin care products.

– Protect yourself from sun damage with sun block.

All these combined will strengthen and revitalize your physical being. Your body is the house to your spirit – maintain it as you would your home. Love it as the ideal sanctuary for your spirit that it was intended to be.

Step Three: Our spirits are simply awaiting our permission to express themselves.

You will know what form of expression that is meant to be for you by the passion and commitment that you feel when you do it. To help you further clarify your spirit’s expression you can do the following:

– Pay attention to what ‘moves’ you – what brings joy and fulfillment that you can do for hours on end without realizing the time has passed.

– Think back to all the things that your friends and family have noticed about you and compliment you on frequently. Sometimes we don’t give ourselves credit for our unique gifts and talents. They are often reflected in others as a way for the universe to bring our attention to them.

– Give yourself permission to express your talents passionately, regardless of any objections or obstacles that appear to test you. They are only tests as to your real commitment for manifesting your heart’s desires and honouring your spirit in the process.

– Let go of the need of having to know how to do it; when you are clear on the ‘what’ of your spirit, the how will reveal itself , one step at a time.

– Let go of the need to do it perfectly. There is no room for perfection on the road to excellence!

– Develop an expansive mind-set. Make room for miracles and step into your light and shine, without apology.

All three steps in this formula, when done with an open mind and a loving heart can be the catalyst for you transforming your life, however good, or unsatisfactory, as the case may be – into an exciting, rewarding and holy adventure.

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