Crystallized Ginger

Crystallized Ginger

Ginger root has been used for years as a dietary aid. The ancient Greeks would eat ginger root sandwiches to help their digestion. As the trade routes from India and Africa expanded, their native plant, the ginger, was exported and eventually became popular all over the world. Known for its health benefits in treating colds, headaches, and motion sickness, it is, even today, touted as one of the best, and tastiest, supplements to a regular diet.

Ginger, however, can be time consuming to prepare. Even when eaten raw, the tough, thick skin must be peeled away, and combined with the irregular surface of the root, this can be quite a chore. You can prepare it ahead of time and keep it in a sealed container for use at will, but many people don’t want to take the time for this. The answer to this is Crystallized ginger. Not only is it portable, it is tasty, with the sugar of the crystallization process balancing the sharp, tangy flavor of the ginger. You can carry crystallized ginger with you on your commute to and from work, packed in your lunch, and on trips as well. With this tasty, healthy snack, you can treat or even avoid common colds and migraines.

The Process

While Crystallized ginger is a tasty, ready-made alternative to the time consuming alternative of raw root preparation, you can take the time to make your own. If you have a food dehydrator at home, you can make crystallized ginger. Once you have peeled the ginger root, roll it in sugar. You can even purchase large crystal sugar at the supermarket and baker’s supply stores. Once you have dehydrated it, you’ve got your own crystallized ginger for snacking and cooking. Or, you can take the simple route and purchase it at the store.

Cookies and Pepper

What do cookies, pepper, and tea have in common? Ginger, of course.

  • You can use crystallized ginger to make ginger cookies. Take these on a trip, and they’ll help you fight off motion sickness. Did someone’s kid cough on you on your plane trip? A ginger cookie will help fight off the cold germs you just picked up. Are you getting a migraine headache? Once again, a ginger cookie may be just what you need.
  • Do you have trouble with asthma? Mix some crystallized ginger with pepper-yes, pepper. It will help ease an asthma attack. Ginger with pepper also helps arthritis.
  • Make a tea out of your crystallized ginger, and carry it with you on trips. Your water bottle is perfect for ginger tea when you’re on hikes or biking trips.

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