Dark Circles Under Eyes Home Remedies – The List


Dark circles under eyes home remedies are the option taken by many individuals in treating eyebags. As we know, puffy eyes are certainly considered as a source of insecurity. The main causes of this are due to lack of enough sleep, stress or improper diet.

There a lot of ways to remove these under eyes circles. Some of these treatments can be done at home. Below are the most common dark circles under eyes home remedies.

The first simple yet effective remedy is potatoes and cucumber juice. You extract the juice of these vegetables and mix them together. With the use of cotton swab, apply the juice on the affected area under the eyes. You leave it on for about 15-20 minutes or until dry. Then, you can wash the juice away with cold water. This is the most practical home remedy since you have these veggies in your kitchen always.

The second home remedy is the use of almond oil. You need to be consistent when you use this treatment. You need to massage your under eyes with the use of almond oil for about 15 minutes every day until the dark circles are eliminated.

The third home remedy is the lemon juice and tomato juice. Mix 2 tablespoons each for each ingredient and apply it under the eye. You need to be careful in applying this concoction because it stings when it gets into your eyes.

Rose water can be the fourth home remedy in your list. You can use a cotton ball when you apply this liquid on the affected area. It will give you instant relief and will lessen the appearance of the dark circles.

The fifth remedy can be a little bit complex than those mentioned earlier. You might need to buy the ingredients for the purpose of treating your dark circles. This treatment needs the use of turmeric, tomato juice, lentils and lemon juice. You blend these ingredients into a paste. The paste has to be applied under the eye. Leave it on until dry. You can wash it off a few minutes later with fresh water.

The last treatment that you can consider is the concoction of nutmeg and milk. Make a paste of these two ingredients and then apply it under the eyes before going to bed. This list of dark circles under eyes home remedies will certainly help you get rid of your eyebags.

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