Beauty tips that you don’t want to miss! Simply beautiful!

1. Next time you’re at the beach; use the sand to exfoliate your hands and feet and bring a spray can to fill with the salt water and spray on hair whenever you want to create a tousled look.

2. Saltwater can help acne.

3. Putting olive oil onto the roots of your hair and then rinsing is a quick and cheap way to put a nice shine through hair.

4. Use a tinted moisturizer rather than foundation.

5. Drink tons of water and eat lots of fruit and veggies.

6. If you have bad acne visit the dermatologist, there are a lot of great treatments out there.

7. When you condition your hair leave it in and comb before washing out as usual. Feels soft and detangled.

8. Never go to sleep with makeup on.

Hope these help!!

The Author:

Lisa Fisher

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