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How Much Sugar Is O.K Each Day Or At One Time?

Q: When it comes to how much sugar I eat, should I be more worried about the total amount I eat each day or...

How Much Weight Do I Need to Lose for My Health?

Q: I’m overweight and I know that puts me at risk for lots of health problems. How much weight do I need to lose...

Are There Antioxidant Compounds in Cocoa and Chocolate Milk?

Q: We hear so much about antioxidant compounds in chocolate. What about cocoa and chocolate milk? A:  Chocolate’s flavonoid compounds are under study not...

Does Someone with High Blood Triglycerides Need to Eat Less Fat?

Q: Does someone with high blood triglycerides need to eat less fat? A: Triglycerides are fat, but excess triglycerides in the blood usually come...

Can People Absorb Natural Antioxidant Compounds from Strawberries

Q: I’ve heard that strawberries have a lot of natural antioxidant compounds, but also that people can’t really absorb them. What’s the story?
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