Like a firm hand shake defines a person’s confidence, healthy nails and cuticles are essential to add beauty to your hands. Nails are actually dead cells of the body, but they play an important role in beautification of the hands. Healthy nails can be easily given desired shapes and colors which add to a person’s feel good factor. With more and more options of nail enamels, varnishes and polishes and increasing interest in trendy nail arts. There is also growing concern about taking care of your nails. Keeping your nails healthy requires just a little effort and some care. You should always make sure never to leave your hands too dry as it would hamper the health of the nails and the cuticles. Cuticles need to be very well taken care of as they help boost the health, support and look of the nails. Dry cuticles are referred unhealthy and thus should always be taken care of.

Below are some tips to keep your nails and cuticles healthy:

• Avoid nail biting as this not only worsens their shape but also negatively affects the skin under your nails and the end result is less desirable nails.

Keep your nails clean: long nails often provide space for accumulation of dirt and dust. Also, if short the area around the finger nails and the cuticles can be the appropriate places where some debris might get collected. This can easily lead to fungal infections starting from nails and reaching the skin. Nails should always be clean so make sure you wash your hands several times a day.

• Keep your nails well moisturized all through the day. This might require applying hand lotion several times a day but it’s a good habit to maintain healthy nails and avoid cracking of the nails.

• Do not remove your cuticles.. Cuticles act as protective skin to avoid the entry of bacteria into the body. Cutting the cuticles away, completely, can lead to irritation and possible infection.

• If possible follow regular manicure routines where experienced staff can take care of your finger nails and cuticles without causing any damage. Professionals have proper equipment and training to remove and clean out the dirt and callus from around the nails.

Nail growth:
Sometimes some people face problems nail growth. Sometimes they might be too brittle and crack on their own and at other times the nails might lack growth. This may happen due to a deficiency of certain nutrients in the body and can be addressed by maintaining a healthy diet. Sometimes nail problems can be a more serious issue so you may want to consider contacting a dermatologist who can examine the root cause of the problem.

When applying moisturizer pay extra attention to your hands and make sure to put lotion around the nails and on the cuticles and massage properly. This will give them a healthy look and also promote their growth. Also you can use vitamin E oil for massaging gently around the nails and the cuticles. These days there are serums and lotions designed specifically for promoting nail growth. For example GoNails Nail Growth Treatment by GoBeauty helps to strengthen and repair fragile and brittle fingernails and toenails.

The Author:

Naomi Andrews is an esthetician from Hawaii. With about 10 years of experience as a practitioner in leading spa she has had the opportunity to use various Mineral Cosmetics and Nail Care Products.

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