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Pigweed – A Great Garden Partner, Not a Pest

Pigweed is a beneficial and valued food source. It is one of the safest foods to eat from the wild.

Grape Planting Insights

Ever wondered just what you need to do before you start growing your grape vines? Well this article gives you an insight into the type of decisions and preparation required.

How to Plant and Grow Snap Peas

Here is a step by step guide for growing your very own snap peas from your organic backyard garden.

How to Make Oyster Mushroom Spawn at Home

Are you tempted to buy oyster mushroom spawn for sale? Let us make some at home.

Why Not Grow Potatoes in Bags? It’s So Easy

This is an easy no dig way of growing potatoes. The cost is low, the plants don't need much care and, if the bag isn't too big, you simply up-end it to harvest. All you need is a suitable bag, seed potatoes and some potting mix.

Sow Carrots, A Rainbow of Color

Despite the fact that orange carrots were the only ones on the market and the menu until maybe a decade ago, carrots were once purple and some records suggest that white and maybe other colours were grown as well.

Best Method of Growing Strawberries

Growing strawberries in raised beds, from September to November is perfect, if such exists. Raised beds enhance production, and provide extra drainage for plants, while the fruits can grow at ground level. Mounding soil along the edge at six inches high is essential to keep the plant from rotting.

How to Grow, Harvest and Store Peanuts

It's actually more of a pea than a nut. But regardless of how it's classified, anyone can learn how to grow peanuts. One might even say that it's simply... peanuts!

Growing Onions

Growing onions can be done from seed, transplants or sets. When choosing seed to start your onions, you will have a larger choice of what you can plant, but can take five months for the seedlings to mature enough to be transplanted and they are more susceptible to disease.

Growing Beets – A Unique Heirloom Crop

Beets is a very easy crop to grow. It doesn't require much space which makes it a good addition to your garden.

Growing Brussels Sprouts

You don't need much room to plant a high yielding crop of Brussels Sprouts. They are a mini-cabbage that forms a 2 to 3 foot high stem with umbrella like foliage.

Asparagus: From Seed to Harvest

I love asparagus. It can be eaten raw in a salad (or by itself), steamed or my favorite, grilled. Growing asparagus from seed has but one drawback, that would be, the time investment it will take before you can harvest it.
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