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The Healing & Magical Power of House Plants

I believe that the plants in my life bring healing, energy, blessings, purification, company and beauty to my world- and in today's article I'd like to share some aspects of keeping plants more on the magical and energetic side. Enjoy, green thumb!

Get Rid of Poisons and Toxins in Your Home with House Plants

When choosing plants to help get rid of common air pollution that might be in your home you can add beauty to your home while filtering out toxins.

How to Grow Lettuce Indoors

Want to grow your own lettuce but don't have any space outdoors? No problem. Lettuce are just one of those vegetables that you can easily grow indoors.

How to Grow Swiss Chard Indoors

When you're short on space but high on ambition for vegetable garden, the best way around is to go for indoor gardening.

Grow a Wheatgrass Centerpiece

Growing your own wheat sprouts is not only decorative, but also highly nutritional.

Pest Control Tips for Maintaining Your Greenhouse

The first step in learning how to prevent and eliminate insects from entering into your greenhouse is to understand and become familiar with the types of insects which are likely to reside there

Tropical Plants and Plumeria Care in Temperate Climates

When it comes to growing tropical plants, including plumerias, some gardeners will tell you that these plants cannot be grown in temperate climates.

Plumeria Plants

Following are the terms that are helpful knowing when reading about plumeria plants, and plants in general.

5 House Plant Gardening Tips You Will Enjoy

In this article you will discover a few tips you can use to ensure your house plants are well taken care of, in a way that will allow them to grow like nothing you've ever seen. So without delay, let's take a look at some of the tips you'll surely want to consider.

Greenhouse Whitefly

The warmer weather brings much more than fair weather gardeners out into the garden and greenhouse. It's the perfect conditions for pests to thrive and multiply.

Greenhouse Bean Feast – Saving Seeds

If you are serious about saving seed there are a few rules that need observing to ensure good results. But for the purpose of the amateur gardener and for school projects there are plenty of simple techniques that can be used.

Greenhouse Growing for Tomato Plants

There are a couple of ways for approaching tomato growing in a greenhouse.
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