Homemade Tips for Hair Dyes

Hair Dyes

How to make natural homemade hair dyes.

Take henna powder, around 4-5 tbsp if you want to apply it only around the area which has gray hair and more if you want to apply to your entire scalp. Make a thin paste of henna powder by adding juice of lemon, a tbsp of curd, a tsp of coffee powder (optional), the water of tea leaves and amla mixture which you prepared earlier. Add ½ tsp of mustard oil in this mixture to avoid dryness. Leave this mixture in an iron vessel for about 2 hours. During winter season you add a finely grounded paste of 2 cloves to elude cold. Apply the mixture on the hair carefully, cover gray hair completely. Leave this on for about 3-4 hours. (Some prefer to keep it overnight.) Then rinse off with water.

Mix coffee powder in the water and make a paste of henna with the water. Beat the egg yolk and mix this into henna. Also add brandy to it. Apply the paste and leave it on for 3-4 hours before washing it with lukewarm water.

If your goal is to cover grey hairs, try making a mixture of rosemary and sage. Mix the ingredients in water and allow them to simmer for about a half hour. Once it has simmered, remove the pan from the heat and allow the mixture to steep for a few hours. Apply to the hair and let it dry completely. Then wash and rinse your hair with your normal shampoo. When it has dried, you will see the results. If you want the hair darker, make another mixture and repeat the process.

Take 3 parts of litharge and 2 of quicklime, mix thoroughly; keep in a well stopped bottle. When used mix with water or milk, apply to the hair, and envelope in an oil-skin cap fur 5 or 6 hours.

The only things I can think of are peroxide and bleach for blonde, but both are not so good for your hair. Beet juice tends to stain your hands, but it would probably make your hair purple and come out the next time you wash it.

Dish washing soap can effectively remove hair dye stains, especially when mixed with either baking soda or lemon juice. Simply rub over the area until the stains fade. If you want to be a red head, consider using kool aid for your homemade hair dye. This gives a very vibrant shade of red, depending on how it is done. Mix the powder with a little water and apply to the hair. Allow the mixture to sit on the hair. The timing will depend on how bright you want the color. You can reapply this mixture if you want the red to be a darker shade.

Milk Mask is one if the easiest and cheapest mask. Moist some cotton wool with milk and rub it on the face. Avocado is a naturally affluent moisturizer. Mush the meat of the avocado into a creamy texture. Massage into the face and neck. Leave on for 15 minutes and gently wash off. The best face mask made included fresh pineapple, organic oats and acacia honey. Take 3 tablespoons of oats and blend in mix till a fine powder. Add in a tablespoon of honey and three big slices of pineapple sheared into small pieces. Blend until a fine paste. Apply with a mask brush and retire for fifteen minutes – it may cause blemishes to tingle slightly but this is okay. Rinse with warm water.

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  1. Homemade tips to cover up gray hair are sought from a lot of mid aged individuals. Gray hair is one of the most terrifying problems for all women

    1. It’s true that gray hair can be a concern for many individuals, especially as they age. Homemade remedies and tips can be a great way to address this issue naturally and effectively.

  2. How to make bleack hair as a natural

    Dried powpo sheed and make it powder than and bleach into you hair for half hour see the result

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