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    Years ago I found out how incredible easy it is to make lotion. It is so inexpensive and organic that I wondered why anyone would even consider spending a dime on the chemical rich lotions on the market.

    Besides I had an added incentive, I have eczema, so I am extremely sensitive to what I put on my skin. Making my own lotion was a great alternative for me.

    To begin, for a lotion base all you need is water, oil and an emulsifier. An emulsifier is simply an ingredient that blends the water and oil together. Here is the base that I begin with to make my lotion:

    * ½ cup distilled water
    * ½ cup oil (I usually use olive, almond, macadamia nut, or grape seed)
    * 1 TBS liquid lecithin

    You can experiment from here by adding essential oils, combining other oils; you can steep beneficial herbs into your water before you add your oil, etc. . .

    Here is a nice winter lotion to get you started:

    * ½ cup distilled water
    * ½ cup olive oil
    * 1 TBS lecithin
    * 6-8 drops of geranium oil
    * 2-4 drops Myrrh oil
    * 400 IU Vitamin E oil (1-2 open capsules)

    Geranium oil is good for supporting balance and rejuvenating dry skin conditions and for wrinkled and matured skin.

    Myrrh is a gentle oil that is effective in replenishing moisture.

    Vitamin E oil is an excellent antioxidant and helps to protect the skin as well as a nice preservative.

    Blend all ingredients in the blender either on whip or cream. You will have a nice creamy firm lotion. Add more water to make a lighter lotion. Store in the refrigerator in hot climates or store in a cool place. Shake well before use.

    Enjoy your lotion. Hopefully this little recipe will inspire you to become creative!

    The Author:

    Danielle Sims explored her library of alternative health, herbal books, and aromatherapy books and created a blueprint for making her own body wrap formulas at home. For more information vist Danielle’s website or email [email protected]

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