Making Gel Candles

Making Gel Candles

Learn about Basics and Supplies

Candle making is one popular activity all over the world. It is one fascinating activity, which has gained optimistic reviews from most people in various parts of the world. Making gel candles is a simple activity and presents different varieties that one can make. Gel candle making has gained a lot of interest today because the candles are very different from other types.

Oil is the primary element in making both gel and wax candles. Unlike wax candle, gel candle is made of a combination of mineral oil and polymer resin. The latter is a type of powder that once combined with the mineral oil, will become solid material.

Gel is another required element. It is the most crucial component in making gel candles, as indicated in its name. There are many different types of gel available commercially, all of which look similar to each other. The primary differentiator is in the density, being low, medium or high. Gel that is of low grade is commonly known as CLP. While it is more fluid and easily liquefies, its viscosity is inadequate to conserve the material. Moreover, CLP has a low percentage of polymer that it is able to retain approximately only 3% of fragrance oil.

Zinc wick is the fourth required supply. Zink wick is preferred over cotton, although the latter is cheaper, for the simple reason cotton has a higher absorption rate of gel. On the other hand, using zinc wick will result in an outstanding product since they do not soak up the gel and provides an effective top-to-bottom burning process.

The fifth yet just as important ingredient is liquid color dye. When you add dye to your gel candle, it enhances the artistic element and inspires life to the fore. You should always be certain that it has a very low combustible rate because in any candle-making process, heat is a prime factor.

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It cannot be said more on the importance of using a dropper in the color dye stage. The use of it will give you the opportunity to create a well-balanced mixture to produce candles of the same color tones. Fragrance oil breathes life into the gel candle. It helps relieve stress, adds relaxation and gives you a calming effect when you light up the candle. As with the gel, you can find many choices of fragrance oil in the market but producers of gel candle has endorsed fragrance oil that has a flash point of no less than 200 degrees.

To complete your gel candle, you may add Implants, these are adornments that are usually located at the bottom of the gel candle. You can choose from a variety of implants when making your gel candle. There is the glass type, which is handmade using tools to create glass art such as marine creatures and animals alike. Natural implants such as shells, crystals and small pebbles or wax implants.

Gel candle making is an affordable activity, just because these materials can be found at home. The only thing remaining is to keep the candle clean and safe.

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