Making New Candles from Used Candles

Making New Candles from Used Candles

Ever wonder what to do with the little bit of candle wax left at the bottom of the candle jar? Do you throw away the candle wax when the wick has burned down? Well, stop throwing your money away. Candles have not lost their usefulness just because they have burned down so small they are no longer safe to light. Candles can be re-used. I am going to walk you through a four step process of how to make new candles from used ones.

The only items you will need to purchase are candle wicks. You can buy these at most craft stores.

Step 1
You will need to find a glass jar that can be used to place old candle wax in. The jar must be able to withstand at least 3-4 minutes in the microwave (depending on how much candle wax you put in it). I often use a recycled candle jar. Many of the scented candles I have purchased over the years came in glass containers which I saved.

Step 2
Remove the wick from the used candle. This can be done by using a knife and cutting away at the candle until the wick is exposed. Be sure to put the candle wax you cut away into the glass jar. This should not be too difficult of a task seeing as the candle has burned the wick down to nearly nothing.

Step 3
After you have placed all the candle wax you want to recycle into the candle jar, place the jar into the microwave and heat until the candle wax has melted. CAUTION! Be sure you have completely removed all the used wicks. Some candle wicks are placed on an aluminum base before being placed into the candle. Aluminum will cause sparks if placed in the microwave. Never take your eyes off the microwave when melting the candle wax. You do not want to overheat the candle wax.

Another alternative to using the microwave to melt your candle wax is to use an old pot. I would recommend this method if you are not comfortable with using your microwave.

Step 4
Place newspaper over your kitchen table to protect it from any accidental spills. Remove melted candle wax from the microwave and place on table to cool. Candles cool down very quickly. Within a minute or two (depending on how much candle wax you melted and how hot you allowed it to get) the wax should have cooled down to a soft but solid state. Push your wick down into the candle. Try and place it as far down as within a half inch from the bottom of the jar. Wait about another five minutes for your new candle to become solid and light it up and enjoy.

Remember, you don’t have to limit yourself to using only the same candle scent. Try placing candle wax from several different used candles that have different scents. You will be surprised at how pleasing candle fragrances can be when combined with other fragrances.

I hope I have encouraged you to try this easy and simple solution for recycling old candles by making new candles. If you try it once, you will soon get hooked on the process.

The Author:

Shirley Kelly is the owner of The Candle Lantern Shop where she sells candles, candle lanterns, incense, oils and more.

2 thoughts on “Making New Candles from Used Candles

  1. This works great. I did it with a large mouth container and put in 4 wicks. To place the wicks, wrap them around a pencil (2 pencils in my case) and hang them over the jar where you want them. Then pour in the melted wax. One note. Get the zink filled wicks an not the smallest diameter if you want a healthy flame. I got the small and fixed it by twining two together but that is not an ideal solution.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience with using multiple wicks in a large mouth container. It’s helpful to know that wrapping the wicks around pencils can make placement easier. I appreciate the tip about using zinc-filled wicks for a healthier flame. Your workaround for using smaller diameter wicks is also valuable. Thanks for the informative post!

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